What is the difference between OpenOffice and LibreOffice

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LibreOffice is technically a derivative or rather a fork of OpenOffice, and many developers of the latter have moved to the new project.

After the acquisition of Sun Microsystems, historical sponsor of the project, by Oracle, many programmers have been afraid of a takeover and have developed LibreOffice. In reality, the change of management never took place, and, indeed, the company asked the members of the Document Foundation to leave the main development group due to some sort of conflict of interest.


Lately there is a tendency to refer much more to LibreOffice, since it is able to integrate some functions that have always been closed to OpenOffice, for example the support for macros written in the Microsoft Office Visual Basic language.

In addition, updates are more frequent and regular, which ensures better overall quality. The success of LibreOffice is also evident in the quality and quantity of companies that have decided to support it, such as Google, Red Hat, SUSE.

The generated documents, however, are in the format Opendocument, which by its very nature is fully compatible with all packages capable of using it, so documents created with OpenOffice can be used with LibreOffice, but also with any other compatible program package, including some of the latest versions of Microsoft Office.

In conclusion, LibreOffice is:

  • more innovative;
  • has additional features;
  • has greater compatibility with Office products;
  • it will have a faster evolution.

To download it just go to the following address http://it.libreoffice.org/download/.

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