What is social lending and how it works Let's borrow

    Social lending, also called peer-to-peer lending (loan between people), allows you to obtain sums of money at advantageous rates compared to those of the banking market, as the applicant and the creditor are put in direct communication with the help of the Web. The person who grants the credit can obtain a good remuneration, while the applicant who receives the loan can benefit from much less onerous interest rates in repaying the sum granted. 

    Social lending is a service offered by online companies with the aim of facilitating the meeting between requests and offers for personal loans between individuals. One of the best online companies, authorized and supervised by the Bank of Spain, is Prestiamoci

    What is social lending and how it works Let's borrow

    Prestiamoci allows applicants and lenders to register on its platform by elaborating for each applicant, based on the requirements entered, a risk profile to assign him a creditworthiness class from A-Excellent to G-Sufficient. Each class corresponds to a relative interest rate from a minimum of 3,90% to a maximum of 14,01%. 

    The amounts financed by Prestiamoci range from 1.500 euros to 2.500 euros, and are divided into monthly installments ranging from 12 to 72 months.

    The Lender, through the Prestiamoci platform, makes available a share capital of 50 euros, in order to reduce the risk of any losses and optimize the return. The Applicant, after having familiarized himself with the practical simulator present on the site, can select the creditworthiness class to which he belongs (which in any case will be verified and possibly modified by the system) and choose the amount, duration and monthly payment to receive directly on his current account the amount requested and pay the amount due monthly, via SEPA direct debit, automatically.

    The Lender will receive, every month, the reimbursement of the individual shares including interest and at the same time will be able to invest them in different projects through the Automatic Investment method present in the Prestiamoci.

    Despite being present in Spain for a short time, the Social lending it is becoming more and more a rapidly growing phenomenon due to the considerable advantages offered to individuals in obtaining liquidity, and Prestiamoci, thanks to speed, safety and savings, is making the most of its potential.

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