VHS to DVD: how to convert videotape to DVD

You have old videotapes that you care a lot about and want riversale su DVD? Quiet it is not difficult, read on and you will understand how to convert videotape to DVD (VHS to DVD).

convert DVD video tapes you must have a grabber video (One capture card laptop that digitizes VHS cassettes and analog camcorder tapes).

Il video grabber it will help you to acquire the audio / video signal from the VCR and transform it into a digital signal in order to send it to the PC. You will then need to connect the USB cable of the video grabber to the USB port (2.0 or 3.0) of the PC and RCA composite cables (yellow, white and red) or S-video cable to the VCR. Check that the purchased device fits the Windows or Mac version of your PC.


To connect the video grabber to the PC, there are also SCART adapters which have both inputs RCA than that S-Video.

Below, you will find a series of products to buy on Amazon to be used for VHS to DVD conversion.

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            How to convert videotape to DVD from VCR to computer

            A valid solution for convert videotape to DVD it is via VCR and computer. Let's see the steps to follow:
            1. Open the CD / DVD player of your computer (if you don't have it, I suggest you buy an external burner on Amazon) and enter the Driver installation CD taken from the package video grabber.
            2. After this, connect theSCART adapter to the TV VCR socket of the VCR and immediately afterwards set the switch to Input.
            3. After this procedure, connect the RCA audio / video cables to theSCART adapter and at the entrances to the video grabber and connect it to one of the available USB ports on your computer.
            4. Start the video recording program on the CD video grabber, Choose DVD through the appropriate menu and press the button Play of the recorder to start converting the movie.

            Each software has its own steps and it is not easy to list the exact conversion phases, for this reason I advise you to always carefully read the manual attached to the video grabber purchased.

            You will need to set the video grabber as your audio and video source and choose the video capture mode you prefer.

            convert and copy VHS videotapes to DVD you have to start a video recording program on your PC, the most famous are AVS Video Recorder o Pinnacle Instant DVD Recorder, and select the recording DVD by playing the VCR.

            Usually video recording programs come with the video grabber and allow burning directly to DVD, if this is not possible just download AVS Video Converter.

            Here with a video tutorials very interesting that will help you to apply what has been explained so far.

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