The best iOS and Android apps for motorists

Do you need to know the prices of the cheapest distributors or have a good satellite navigator with maps and routes available? In this post we will list the best iOS and Android apps for motorists.

Did you forget to pay the insurance? You continually get fines for unseen speed cameras, Have you parked in a restricted traffic area? Have you forgotten your car coupon?

If you start using the apps we are about to recommend you will no longer have these problems. From GPS navigators to always find the right path, to Apps capable of calculating speed, braking, fuel consumption up to Anti-fine apps for careless people or able to manage deadlines, payments and coupons.

Below is an updated list of the best iOS and Android apps for motorists to travel safely.

Speed ​​Cameras

For iOS and Android. The Speed ​​Cameras app detects in real time, the presence of fixed and mobile speed cameras, tutors, controlled traffic lights, systems for detecting average speed and dangerous areas. The app warns you with a notification indicating the distance from the station and the speed limit on that stretch. There are also voice warnings or the calculation of the average speed. Cost: free.


For iOS, the ICarconnect app accompanies you on the road with various functions. Indicates the external temperature, allows the display of maps, routes, turn by turn navigation (that is, the one that tells us step by step where we must go), positions and commands to call and send SMS with large keys for safe typing of the number. Cost: 1,79 €.

Waze GPS

For iOS and Android. Wape GPS is a community of over 50 million users that edits maps and reports traffic conditions while driving on roads and highways. Share your information and read that of other drivers to avoid traffic jams, accidents, roadblocks, hazards and monitor road conditions in real time. You can also find the cheapest petrol station along the way. Cost: free.

CoPilot GPS

For iOS and Android, the Copilot GPS app finds the best route to get to your destination without using any connection thanks to the integrated NAVTEQ road maps stored on the device. CoPilot is a free GPS navigator (it has no voice guide), with which you can get directions to get around by car or on foot, even in the absence of network coverage. The app also integrates thousands of points of interest to find restaurants, shops and other businesses. Cost: free.

Speed Tracker

For iOS and Android. With the GPS-odometer and on-board computer functions integrated into the app, Speed ​​Tracker collects all the statistical data you need in real time: speed, trip duration, distance, direction, altitude and much more. The interface allows you to view precise speed information directly on the windshield (HUD). Furthermore, with the GPS navigator you can check the route you are taking and that you have already done. Statistical data can be exported in csv, kml and gpx. Cost: free.

Gas Manager

For iOS and Android. Gas Manager allows you to have a detailed picture of fuel consumption, costs and distances traveled by cars and motorcycles. The app calculates the amount of CO2 emitted by the vehicle and the data can be exported in csv format and processed with Excel. It is possible to memorize the position where you have parked or to find nearby petrol stations. Cost: free.

Zilla: on-board computer

For iOS. Zilla is a powerful on-board computer capable of analyzing the movement of the car by providing quick-to-read graphic information. All telemetry data is in real time and it is possible to view G-force, direction, speed, weight transfer, cornering. The app is customizable and is equipped with the Heads-up display (HUD) mode, which projects information on the windshield. Cost: 0,89 €.

Petrol Prices

For iOS and Android. Based on the reports of the Petrol Prices Web portal, the app allows you to know the prices of fuel stations thanks to the reporting of thousands of users, as well as displaying the cheapest filling stations. In this way, fuel prices can be presented more transparently by sending real photos with the prices indicated. Cost: free.

Driving license points

For iOS. Patent Points is an app that can view the balance of points, the data of the driving license and the vehicles in possession, calculate the road tax by entering the vehicle license plate, manage deadlines, inspections, coupons, check the highway code and provide the forms and a whole series of models to keep your car under control, in all respects, including costs, mileage and deadlines. It also includes information on ACI, Motorization and workshops authorized by the Ministry. Cost € 0,89.

Inrix Traffic Maps

For iOS and Android. The Inrix Traffic Maps app reports road events in real time and makes forecasts. By taking data from GPS installed on millions of trucks, cameras, road sensors and integrated navigation systems for cars, it allows to give precise and detailed information on traffic. The app displays the events along the route on the map such as: accidents, construction sites, demonstrations and police blocking, allowing you to choose an alternative route. Cost: free.

Find the car with AR

For iOS. Once you have launched the Find car with AR app in the augmented reality view, you can view the direction of the car with various information: distance, address where the user is and that of your car. Just follow the direction of the arrow to get to the exact location of the car. Cost: free.


For iOS and Android. The Vehicles app calculates and manages the costs of your vehicles, indicating the deadlines for each. Stamp duty, inspection and insurance will no longer be a problem. You can customize the app, inserting the photo of the car and manage the fuel costs. It is possible to take notes and to have a summary of the costs regarding the number of refuellings carried out. Cost: free.

Auto Mobile 2

For iOS. The Auto Mobile 2 app reminds you of the coupon deadlines, keeps track of the points on your license, calculates the cost of maintenance for the car. Every time you open the app, you find a detailed summary of your data and for each vehicle you register you get a personalized card that shows technical data, deadlines and costs. Cost: 0,89 €.

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