How to understand who blocked you on Instagram

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After we told you how to block someone on Instagram, here's a guide on how to understand who blocked you on Instagram and how to get unlocked.

Seeing who has blocked you on Instagram is a simple operation and since it is not communicated to you by the photographic social network, you need to take advantage of some valid precautions that I will explain to you by continuing to read this article.

Let's see together what are the six methods to consider for understand who blocked you on Instagram.

How to see who blocked you on Instagram

Empty profile

A good clue to see who blocked you on Instagram is to find the user's profile empty, as if he had never posted anything, while other contacts view its contents.

Name disappeared from Follow Already

If you already follow the user you think has blocked you but pressing followed in your profile, their name does not appear on the tab Follow already / People, then chances are it blocked you.

Inability to read the latest content

To understand if someone has blocked you on Instagram you can try to search for their username in the search bar of the social network. If you can't see the latest content they've posted, despite new ones being reported in the search bar, you've been blocked.

Inability to follow the user

Another clue of blocking on Instagram is the inability to follow the user by pressing on Follow. If pressing the label Follow does not turn into Follow already, then you have been blocked.

Inability to send messages

If you have been blocked by a user on Instagram, of course they will never receive notifications from you. Furthermore Messages e Mi like it sent before the block will be removed.

Verify from different account

A valid solution to understand if you have been blocked by a user on Instagram is to verify it on Google or with a different account. Log out of Instagram and the search engine Google type the name or account Instagram of the user in question. Alternatively, log in with a different account on Instagram and search for the user. If you find it then it is evident that it has blocked you.

How to get unblocked on Instagram

After having done all your investigations based on the above methods, you have ascertained that you have been blocked. You just have to contact the manager to understand why and ask him to unblock you.

You can try to ask him through Facebook or by trying to contact him by phone and arrange a meeting.

I tell you this as the photographic social network does not have a specific comic to request the unblocking of your account.

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