The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Tips and Tricks

A few small but useful tips.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is available from yesterday on Nintendo Switch e Nintendo Wii U; since the first moments of the game you will have noticed a certain difference compared to the previous chapters of the series as the "linearity" has been abandoned in favor of a real open world. In Breath of the Wild we will really have to fight for our survival as it will no longer be enough for us to eliminate enemies to get hearts and restore health, our Link will suffer from the cold, so better stock up on food that can allow us to also climb the peaks higher, without forgetting the stamina that will drop drastically with every shot, climb, swim and the need to better manage the available paraphernalia. It will be essential to sharpen the wits and refine the hunting and research techniques to bring home the "skin".

That's why we have thought of a series of tips, without any reference to the game plot that can somehow help you approach the game in the best possible way. (If you are interested in some "help" here is our guide to recipes and elixirs of The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild!)

Familiarize yourself with the game menu

By now the Wii U era has practically ceased for several months and with it also the "need" of having to manage the game via double screen; you return to a more “traditional” system press the Start button (or +) to open your inventory. Thanks to the convenient right stick you can in the blink of an eye select the category that interests us: weapons, bows, shields, clothes and armor, materials, food and important things. If you press the R key to the right you will be able to quickly access the save / load game menu and view commands while pressing the L key and scrolling to the left we will be able to access the Log that most interests us to manage primary and secondary quests. Instead, by pressing the Select button (or -) we will access the convenient game map and the tools at our disposal.

Certainly they could not miss the shortcuts for a quick management of weapons, shield, bow and the skills that Link has available. These are related to the D-pad - or referring to the Switch to the left Joy-Con; for example, by pressing the up arrow we will access the skills in our possession, by pressing the left arrow we will be able to select the shield and finally by pressing the right arrow select the weapon that best suits the fight. The loading menu will help us further and will provide us with useful tips and instructions. So waste 5 minutes to familiarize yourself with the menu in our possession because it will be essential to better manage certain situations.

How to catch a horse?

Initially we will not be able to move except on foot, but later it will be necessary to train a wild horse that can become our faithful steed. Exploring the immense lands of Hyrule it will not be so difficult to come across groups of horses. This is where the fun comes, how to get on the back of one of these? Simple, well not so much, by pressing the left stick it will be possible to crouch and walk slowly and quietly approach one of the selected horses to try to tame it.Don't worry if you will be thrown away a couple of times, as it will take a lot of practice to succeed. in the company. Once you get on the horse it will be necessary to "build the bond" with it, trying to caress and calm it until it follows your instructions. After having trained our horse, before he can respond to the whistle, he must be registered at the Stable. For 20 rupees you can register a horse, give it a name and request it when you need it. The great thing is that once registered it will be accessible from any Stable on the game map.

Hey an apple

Exploring and collecting turn out to be two fundamental aspects in Breath of the Wild; While the slots for weapons are limited (but expandable), those for resources and food that you can carry with you are practically unlimited. Surviving in this new Zeldian chapter is a little more complicated than in the past; as we mentioned at the beginning of the guide, killing an enemy will not provide us with hearts to restore our vital energy and therefore it will be essential to collect herbs, fruit, berries, meat to restore our health to normal levels. It will be of vital importance to refine the hunting techniques, crouching and approaching unsuspecting animals, climbing a tree and waiting for the passage of a wild boar, are the most effective techniques for obtaining precious resources. In addition, many of the objects (rare or not) that we will be lucky enough to find, will have specific functions ranging from the simple sale to get rupees from the merchant or to crafting to upgrade ancient weapons and armor.

Cooking Zelda, let's learn how to cook

The real novelty of this chapter is the possibility of being able to cook; yes, you will have to indulge yourself with the recipes to find the right combinations of taste and disgust. It will be up to you to understand how to mix the ingredients to be able to obtain precious foods. An example? Shortly after starting our adventure we found some juicy Caldoperoni that cooked to perfection allow us to obtain a juicy dish that will increase our body temperature. A fundamental dish if you want to survive the freezing temperatures of the Hyrulian mountains. There will be no lack of fun when you find yourself mixing the most disparate ingredients!

Here is our recipe book with all the recipes to increase strength, resistance to cold, heat, the number of hearts, and to make elixirs!

Don't sell your items

Better to avoid selling the most precious objects, you never know. When you kill the enemies they will always leave something: horns, fangs, wings, hearts, jellies and much more. Collect everything you can and keep it as it will be possible to obtain useful elixirs. The advice is to sell only if we have 50+ of something in our possession, in order to get a nice amount of rupees. Furthermore, some minerals are particularly rare and precious (for example diamonds, do not sell them because they are not easily found and have other uses that we leave you to discover).

Remember never to sell the whole quantity of a particular material, but to keep a good part of it for possible future use.


Being thrifty never hurts, do not waste your money, buying arrows or other objects from the merchant and at the shops but save them for other uses. In Breath of the Wild, the environment is the real enemy and surviving it with the resources available is more important than you can imagine. Upgrades don't come cheap, especially if we're talking about armor and our advice is to spend rupees just to upgrade Link and nothing else.


"Be curious, interact with those you meet (individuals and ... stone statues), climb the towers to update the map of the table Sheika and place the indicator on the places that interest you most; don't forget to explore the Shrines as they will provide you with valuable rewards and advice"


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