Shenmue III, a fan makes an interesting video-doc

Shenmue III: a documentary to be seen ...

Do you remember Shenmue III? The long-awaited sequel to the acclaimed series that landed on Sega Dreamcast approx 20 years ago, able to sublimate the videogame art and make several players fall in love with the medium.

In case you have never played the previous titles, thanks to our special 4-handed writing, you will discover the story of the wonderful work of Yu Suzuki.

That said, let's move on to the bigger part, our friend Egidio “Eiji” Berti, a member of the Shenmue group, made a video review / documentary dedicated to the third chapter of the series, which during the review phase divided critics and fans.

Now we leave you to the video of our Egidio, let us know in the comments if you enjoyed this sequel or if you noticed a lack of inventiveness in the development of the game mechanics.

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