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You are on an interesting site and want to perform some useful operations such as Save link as or other options but you can't why the right mouse button is locked? You want to know how to unlock right click on all sites? Quiet with a little trick you can unlock the right button, let's see how.

Let's go in browser address bar while the page is open e we replace the present address, with the following text:



We press the button Submit.

You will immediately notice that it will be possible to use the right button. This was in fact blocked by the property uncontext menu of the HTML document.

By putting that instruction in the address bar, we have injected Javascript code into the web page in real time, undoing the effect of the property that was blocking the right mouse button.

If after typing the command you pressed Submit and the browser returned a "page not found" error, open your browser options and disable Javascript.

For those who use Firefox there is this addon , after installing it a menu will appear in the toolbar. Indivude the icon Disable > Disable Javascript > Disable All Javascript. After selecting Disable All Javascript, update the page with CTRL+F5. Now you can repeat the operation and operate on the unlocked site.

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