How to rent movies with Android smartphones

If you have an Android smartphone or tablet and you want rent movies to watch in a special offer, you can take advantage of Google Play Movies, the app already pre-installed on your mobile device, which offers over 1.000 films to rent or buy.

Rent movies with Android smartphones today it is very easy, now the video stores from physical stores have passed to virtual stores. Google Play Film is compatible with all Android-based devices, from version 2.2 onwards and presents a catalog with films divided by categories and special offers starting from € 1. The interface is in Spanish and the film can be viewed either in streaming or by downloading from the mobile network or Wi-Fi.

Once you have decided to rent movies with Android smartphones you have 30 days to start watching it (and 48 hours from the moment you start watching it) or you can choose to buy it. In both cases, the film will be available in the Google Cloud and you can see it on your PC or TV screen, of course you must have the key. chromecast connected to the TV.

Be vuoi scoprire how to rent movies with android smartphone first you have to start the pre-installed app, Google Play Movies. By clicking on the tre bar orizzontali in the top left you will see the main menu that allows you to watch a movie you have already purchased or rented, to open the Movie Store or to change the settings.

The size of the movies, both in streaming and to download, are important and for this reason it is recommended to activate the item Download only when on Wi-Fi or at the limit choose to receive a warning if there is no Wi-Fi.

In the movie store, you have around 1.000 titles available, from classics to the latest. Prices start from 99 cents up to 14 euros for purchases of the newest ones. You can choose not only SD standard definition movies but also high resolution HD movies.

When you buy or rent a movie you can decide to download it or watch it in streaming. You will need a Wi-Fi connection and you could also watch it from a PC or Tablet.

A great way to watch movies or videos on your smartphone is to use the app VLC for Android, available for free on the Play Store. 

Similar to the PC version, VLC offers the possibility to read all available formats and insert subtitles automatically. VLC reads the most compressed video formats without problems, through decompression algorithms, such as MKV. You can also improve playback performance by selecting Hardware acceleration in the Settings.

All the movies on your smartphone are listed in the Videos folder. You will be able to know the duration, format and resolution of each.

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