How to make money with Amazon

In this article I will reveal to you how to make money with Amazon and how to join his program that recognizes percentages ranging from 3% to 10% on the final amount, excluding taxes.

Amazon has made available an affiliate program to date considered one of the most profitable channels to earn money from their reviews. Amazon's logic allows the affiliate to earn a commission for each sale generated through a particular code entered on their site. The commission will be guaranteed if the visitor to your site confirms the purchase made within 89 days after clicking on your ad.

As for payments, Amazon settles the commissions accrued in the current month within the following 2 months.

Read on to find out how to make money with Amazon and how to subscribe to his service to join the Amazon affiliate program.

The first step for earn with Amazon affiliation is to connect to this page and click on Sign up now for free.

Enter your Amazon account details or create a new one. Confirm the data related to the main address, scroll down the confirmation page and press Following: Your website profile.

Indicate the title, URL address and topic of your website. Indicate the items that best suit your site and click on Ends, but I will complete the registration.

On the next page you will be asked how you prefer to be paid: check, wire transfer or gift certificate.

From the Amazon affiliate program, log in by indicating your account credentials. On the left you will see the main Tracking ID in the trackingID-21 formula. Click on Manage to view active IDs or Add Tracking ID to insert a new one.

Click on Add Tracking ID and enter an alphanumeric identifier to help you identify the code. Then click on Add. The suffix ".”Takes over automatically and has the utility of identifying affiliates from Spain.

How to create an Amazon banner ad

To create a banner ad, publish it and get started earn with Amazon, you must, within your account on the Amazon affiliate program, click on Link a banner and from the drop-down list select Link products. Make sure you have selected, in the box on the left, the Tracking ID to be associated with the announcement, fill in Research and click on vai.

On the next page, locate the product you are interested in advertising on your website and click the Get Link button. On the next page you can extract the HTML code (Highlight HTML) to be placed on the web pages of your blog to get your ad.

Click on the button Link e banner up and then up Link banner. In the new page you can download the HTML code of one of the many "predefined" banners divided by categories and which will allow you to start earning without having to choose a single product.

Click on the link My Account, at the top right, and on the page that appears click on Site Stripe Options. On the page that appears, check that the wording appears next to the item Status Activated.

Then go to any page of the Amazon store and check that in the top bar there is the Stripe website. From here you can also quickly access the reports by clicking on the item revenue.

Go to any product page and click on the button Text + Image present in the Site Stripe. The system will offer you the HTML code of the advertisement with the possibility of indicating any Tracking ID.

How to consult the earnings on Amazon

To check the performance of your ads you can check the earnings obtained in the section Report from Amazon.

Click on Report at the top and select Report commissions. Indicate the period of interest and click on the View button on the page. Amazon will return the individual products with evidence of the price (without VAT) and commission destined for you.

Click on the button Report and select Report orders: indicate the reference period for obtaining a list of products from which you could receive the commission. From Items without orders it is possible to view the products added to the cart by users but not ordered.

Click again on Report at the top and finally select Report breve tracking ID. Indicate the reference period and click on View on page. You will immediately get a Tracking ID list with the items shipped and the accrued commissions next to it.

Attention in the reporting pages it is possible to obtain the data of a single Tracking ID by unchecking Combined reports and indicating the Tracking ID whose results you want to view. Amazon recognizes a commission only when the user who clicked on the banner ad on your site orders the product, so if your Tracking ID shows several added products it is possible that these will turn into orders only after some time. For this reason it is always better to monitor a single Tracking ID for at least 3 months and only then can you make your right assessments.

In conclusion, you should know that Amazon does not recognize commissions for purchases made by the same affiliate. Identification can be based on several factors: similar mailing address, repeat orders, and so on.

It is of course possible to circumvent the ban but this could cause the cancellation from the program, so you will have to try to work on the contents of your blog to aim for quality and not on strategy.

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