How to Lighten Large PDF Files

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A few days ago we discovered this interesting site of the Web Neevia Techonlogy that allows lighten very heavy PDF files.

After connecting to the site click on browse to upload your PDF file (the online upload limit is 5MB) and select "Maximum Compression, very low image quality"(You still have other items and you can select the one that best suits your needs) and click on"Upload & Compress“, After choosing Compression compatible, Color / Grayscale Image Compression and Monochrome Image Compression.

Once the upload and compression operation is finished you will receive a link to download the compressed document.

The site makes the software available PDFcompress in case you want to perform the compression operation locally, but also an example code on different platforms (ASP.NET · ASP · VB6 · VB.NET · VC ++ · C # · Delphi), for those programmers who need to develop a PDF compression application.

Other options on the site, in addition to the compression of PDF files, are:

  • Document Converter, online and instant conversion of many file formats (doc, docx, xls, ppt ..) to PDF, PDF / A or image (tiff, jpg, png). Upload cannot exceed 2MB per file. If you need to work locally you can download the docuPrinter Pro software.
  • Merge PDF, the online merging of multiple PDF files into a single document. The upload cannot exceed 10MB per file and the maximum limit of files that you can use for merging is 20. If you need to work locally you can download the PDFmerge software or if you are a developer consult the area with code useful example for programming.
  • Resize PDF, changes the format of the PDF page and at the same time maintains its aspect ratio. The upload cannot exceed 5MB per file and as for the other options there is a PDFresize software for working locally and an example code area for developers.

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