How to insert a comment in a Word document

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Are you completing your degree thesis and you need a person's opinion but you don't know how to insert a comment in Word? You must know that in addition to word count and document review, Word also offers the possibility of enter a comment within a document.

To access and insert a comment in a Word document, you must first open the tab revision. In the menu Post comments choose the option New comment. They have a post-it icon and are used to add your comments to a document without changing its contents.

For example, you can use a comment to write "Great job, keep it up and get me a full report ASAP."

The comment must refer to a part of the document: it can be linked to a word, a paragraph or even to the whole text, with the foresight to select the interested part before starting the composition of the comment itself.

To delete a comment already written, you must first select it and then from the menu Post comments , to press Delete selected comment.

Those who receive the comments, on the other hand, can scroll from one to the other using the appropriate buttons in the same menu. Furthermore, in this way it will not be necessary to review everything else, but you can go from time to time only to the commented parts.

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