How to create, change, recover an Apple ID

To take advantage of all online services such as downloading Apps from the App Store, using the iCloud service with data synchronization and purchasing on iTunes on all devices of the Cupertino company, you need an Apple ID.

The Apple ID is nothing more than the username that is usually provided when purchasing at an Apple Store; however, often due to negligence or lack of knowledge it happens that we need to create it ourselves.

How to create, change, recover an Apple ID

Create an Apple ID

The first step is to go up Create my Apple ID enter a valid email address and a password of at least 8 characters (must have at least one capital letter and one number). After confirming the password you need to select and answer the chosen security question that will allow you to recover your Apple ID password in case of loss.

Then you need to fill in a form in which to enter personal information (name, date of birth, address, language) type the captcha security code, check the item "I have read and agree to the Apple Terms of Service and Apple's Privacy Policy”And click on Create Apple ID.

How to create, change, recover an Apple ID

Once the compilation and application process is complete, go to the email provided at the time of creation, open the email received from Apple and click on the confirmation link to complete the validation process and start using your ID to use Apple services.

Another way to create your Apple ID is throughiTunes Store, from the top left menu choose iTunes Store and from the pop-up menu select Create Apple ID ..

Change an Apple ID

In case you need to change your email address you can go to Manage your Apple ID. Here you log in with the old account that you intend to change to enter the account control panel. At this point just click on edit in the section Apple ID and primary email address to enter the new email address and click Save Changes. In addition to the email address, you can also change the name, secondary email address and many other information (Password, addresses, etc.).

You will receive an email confirming the replacement, click on the verify link now to complete the verification of your account.

How to create, change, recover an Apple ID

Recover Apple ID

Sometimes you forget your Apple ID password and login. What to do? Apple always provides a help link for the same page for creating and managing your Apple ID find your Apple ID. By clicking under the Create Apple ID button and specifically on the link Find your Apple ID, access a page where you are asked for a series of personal information. We insert in the form name e last name and email address and click on Following.

How to create, change, recover an Apple ID

We will be offered the choice of two options:

  • Authentication by email, to receive a data recovery link via email;
  • Answer the security questions, to retrieve the access credentials by answering the questions selected at registration.

After making your choice, click on the verification link you received via email or we will answer the security questions to get to the page where your login credentials will be shown (Apple ID username and the ability to change the login password).

If you have only forgotten your Apple ID password, all you have to do is click on the link under the Manage your Apple ID button Reset Password and follow the same procedure indicated above for the recovery of users.

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