How to access and hack a Facebook profile

Getting hold of your username and password is the best way to enter a person's Facebook profile and spy on them at any time. If you want access and hack a Facebook profile you should know that you may run into a crime against privacy, since stealing login data and accessing Social Network profiles without permission is not allowed. 

This because hack and spy on a Facebook profile will allow you not only to steal confidential information, but also to impersonate the person you attacked, by sending messages or posting content in their place. In practice, it is a real identity theft, severely punished by the law.

In this article I will try to reveal you, through a number of methods and programs how to access a Facebook profile, perhaps of your friend, without knowing the password. 

How to access the partner's Facebook profile

How to access and hack a Facebook profile

To discover how to access and hack a Facebook profile, by coming into possession of the victim's username and password, there are three systems: the first is the find out the login data of a Facebook profile, the second in record everything you type on the keyboard and the third in spy on the victim's smartphone.

We see eat hackerare facebook ed enter your friend's Facebook profile without knowing their password.

The first solution to access and hack a Facebook profile è find out the victim's username and password by logging into his computer. The person to be spied does not have to be a privacy freak or at least not a great acquaintance of browsers. This will allow you to consult the data contained in the browser history. If the owner of the Facebook profile has left the storage of login credentials enabled and does not delete the browsing data when the program is closed, it could be a breeze for you. The username and password storage option is enabled by default in most browsers and allows you to save time when you are online and need to connect to a service.

How to access and hack a Facebook profile

A free program that allows you to browse the data stored in the browser is Facebook Password Decryptor. It is a software that extracts all the access credentials referring to the account to be violated to make clear the user and password of the Facebook profile. Basically through decoding it allows you to find out your Facebook password used with browsers. The supported browsers are Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera Browser and so on. 

To download Facebook Password Decryptor click on the green button Free Download and wait for the file download to complete Open it and double click it to launch Setup_FacebookPasswordDecryptor.exe and start the installation process. In the window that opens, click on the button Next and accept the terms of use by putting the check mark next to the item I Accept the terms of the License Agreement. Click for your Next twice and then on Install. Finally on Next and then Finish to complete the software installation. Attention during installation press Reject to disallow the installation of promotional software.

Once the installation is complete, start Facebook Password Decryptor and click on the button Home recovery to view the Facebook passwords on your PC. By clicking on Show password you can find out the passwords hidden by asterisks.

How to access and hack a Facebook profile

To defend against this attack the victim should disable the option that saves login data in the browser.

  • On Mozilla Firefox you need to go to Options> Security and uncheck a Remember the access data to the sites.
  • On Google Chrome you need to go to Settings> Show advanced settings and uncheck a Request to save your web passwords under the form Password e forms.
  • On Microsoft Edge you need to go to Settings> View advanced settings and under it works Offer the ability to save passwords set the selector a Disabled.

Another solution for enter the Facebook profile by hacking it it is through software called keylogger. Keyloggers are programs that are easy to find and use. By taking possession of the victim's PC you will be able to access conversations, email texts, Facebook credentials, credit card purchase data and so on. The scale of the attack is considerable and devastating, therefore very dangerous legally.

The installation of a keylogger can also take place without physical access to the PC. In this case the hacker can deceive with bogus emails or messages to introduce the malicious software. Among the most popular keyloggers for spying on Windows PCs there is Revealer Keylogger Free. A free software capable of recording the list of all the programs used on the PC and the words typed on the computer keyboard. It then allows access to online accounts and social networks such as Facebook. Once installed, Revealer Keylogger Free has a very intuitive interface and does not appear either in the taskbar or in the list of programs.

How to access and hack a Facebook profile

Another keylogger I recommend you try is Spyrix Free Keylogger. It is a free program that can record the phrases typed on the PC keyboard, take screenshots of the screen and store the recorded programs. After downloading it from this page double click on the executable sfk_setup.exe and in the window that appears click on Si, then three times on Next and finally on install e Finish to finish the installation process and start it. When the program starts, enter the password for protection and start monitoring the PC by pressing Start and click on Hide to hide it from the victim's view. 

How to access and hack a Facebook profile

When you are able to log back into the victim's PC, call back spyrix premendo the combination of tasti CTRL+ALT+A  and displays the registered elements and the access data to the Facebook profile.

How to access and hack a Facebook profile

To defend against this attack the victim should use a good updated antivirus. Run targeted virus scans on suspicious documents and install anti-keylogger such as SpyShelter e Zemana AntiLogger is the best way to avoid falling into the trap of files attached by email or downloaded from websites.

There are other equally dangerous solutions that violate the victim's privacy by controlling their phone. The smartphone is a mobile device that not only allows you to use Facebook but also to keep photos, videos, messages, phone calls and so on. The spy app that can access this information are many and very dangerous.

The installation of these dangerous apps must take place through the misuse of the smartphone for at least five minutes. This is the time it takes to inoculate the spy app, activate it and mask it to make it invisible. In this regard, there are many apps on the net that should spy on the victim's phone, but most of the time they are hoaxes. The apps that really work are developed by professional companies like Mspy.

How to access and hack a Facebook profile

Available for mobile devices and PCs, it is one of the best applications to put any device under control. Its features are many and all allow you to: view emails, GPS position, SMS, calls, address book, Facebook logins. The cost is around 60 euros per month or 170 euros per year. On the official website it is possible to evaluate the Mspy demo.

To defend against this attack the victim should avoid storing the login credentials on the mobile device, activate the geolocation option and take advantage of the device discovery services in case of theft or accidental loss.

Please note:: stealing Facebook passwords is a crime, so if you understand how to find out Facebook passwords, avoid applying the method explained above, as you could be punished by the law.

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