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Joel Fulleda
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After several attempts I finally managed to block the spam site Updowner which unknowingly pointed directly to many of my links.

It will be a coincidence but after making these changes the accesses have increased significantly.

Here's how I solved it:

  • I located Updowner by going to Google Webmaster Tools, Traffic, Links that lead to your site.
  • I went to the website, registered and blocked the links to my blog (top left is the link "Do you own this site? Manage it!After clicking on Manage I did nothing but follow the instructions. However, there is also the possibility of I will send an email with the request to remove the link to the blog.
  • I inserted in the file Robots.txt of my blog the following line of code:

 User-agent: Updownerbot

 Disallow: /

  • While in the blog header I added the following line of code:


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