Best sites to download free ebooks

You asked Santa for an ebook reader and you are already thinking where you can download free ebook? If you don't know there are so many websites that allow you to download free spanish ebook to read them both on ebook readers and on PCs, smartphones and tablets.

What is an ebook? Ebooks are digital books available in various formats and can be consulted on computers and mobile devices.

If you don't want to spend money to buy downloadable digital books from the Internet, you can take advantage of the many free PDF books to download and not protected from DRM (Digital Rights Management protects copies of files). These are books of different genres, old classics without copyright, but also recent books in Spanish and completely at no cost.

Best sites to download free ebooks

If you are interested then what are you waiting for? Read on below as I'll reveal a list of the best sites to download free ebooks in both Spanish and English.

  1. (ebook in Spanish and other languages)
  2. (ebook in Spanish)
  3. Athena millennium (ebook in spanish)
  4. Spanish Library (ebook in Spanish)
  5. BookRepublic (ebook in spagnolo)
  6. (ebook in Spanish)
  7. E-library (ebook in Spanish)
  8. book (ebook in Spanish)
  9. Ebook (ebook in Spanish)
  10. Evolution book (ebook in Spanish)
  11. FeedBooks (ebook in Spanish)
  12. Free computer (ebook in English)
  13. Free tech (ebook in English)
  14. (ebook in Spanish)
  15. (ebook in English)
  16. Kult virtual (ebook in Spanish)
  17. The Black Canvas (ebook in Spanish)
  18. Youth Reading (ebook in Spanish)
  19. iberLiber (ebook in Spanish)
  20. (ebook in Spanish and other languages)
  21. (ebook in Spanish and other languages)
  22. (ebook in Spanish)
  23. Many books (ebook in English)
  24. Mondandori Store (ebook in Spanish)
  25. Net editor (ebook in Spanish)
  26. Online computer books .com (English ebook)
  27. Free PDF (ebook in Spanish)
  28. Project Gutenberg (ebook in English and other languages)
  29. Readme fables (free Spanish audiobooks)
  30. Novelists (ebook in Spanish)
  31. Wattpad (ebook in Spanish)
  32. World library (ebook in English)

To conclude, in addition to the sites mentioned above, you can download free ebook also on Amazon, Google Play Store, iBooks Store (requires iTunes installation) and IBS. These sites include pages through which you can consult and download books for free.

These downloaded ebooks can be read by different devices through their official app, but they can hardly be read by ebook readers, especially if they are DRM protected.

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