Best free alternatives to Microsoft Powerpoint

Best free alternatives to Microsoft Powerpoint. Here are the best programs to create free presentations, alternatives to Powerpoint.

Need to present a new project but don't have Powerpoint to create presentations? The best way to engage your audience is to ditch the classic slides in favor of captivating visuals and engaging animations. This means choosing free presentation software that can unlock your creativity and help you create enjoyable and interesting slides.

Microsoft Powerpoint is the presentation program that is part of the Microsoft Office personal productivity software suite, most used by users. Unfortunately it is not cheap and the high cost makes it prohibitively expensive for anyone on a tight budget. On the other hand, there are good alternatives available for free that you can use to design your perfect presentation.


  • Best free alternatives to Microsoft PowerPoint
    • 1. Google Slides (Windows, macOS, Linux, Online)
    • 2. WPS Office Free (Windows, macOS, Linux)
    • 3. Prices (Windows, macOS, Linux, online)
    • 4. Canva (Windows, macOS, Linux, online)
    • 5. LibreOffice (Windows, macOS, Linux)
  • Other programs to create online presentations

Best free alternatives to Microsoft PowerPoint

Choosing the best free presentation software can take a long time if you don't know what you are looking for. For this reason I have decided to help you by pointing out the best free alternatives to Microsoft Powerpoint.

To make your slideshow really brilliant, consider getting a free photo editor as well, that way your photos will look perfect before adding them to your slides.

The best Microsoft Office alternatives for home and office

1. Google Slides (Windows, macOS, Linux, Online)

Free presentation software for all Google account holders.

  • Support import of new models
  • Integrated chat
  • Methods of presentation for the tests
  • Limited initial model selection

Google Slides Is part of the G Google Suite and it does a good job of matching Powerpoint's capabilities. This free presentation software supports embedding videos, creating diagrams, and adding animations to slides. While the selection of templates is somewhat limited, you can easily import hundreds of additional templates for free or create your own.

Even better, Google Slides supports the collaboration tools that users have come to expect from Google. Multiple people can work on a presentation at the same time and there's a built-in group chat so you can keep track of what everyone is doing. It is also possible to be able to play the presentation in presenter mode, as it allows you to preview how your audience will look and try out the timing.

The only downside to Google Slides is that the Heavy presentations can experience loading delays.

2. WPS Office Free (Windows, macOS, Linux)

La best free alternative to Microsoft Powerpoint.

  • Many models included
  • Familiar user interface
  • Many animations
  • Ads can be annoying

WPS Office Free it is identical to Microsoft Office and fully supports Powerpoint files without any layout problem when importing. The WPS presentation tool has the same features as Powerpoint, including tons of animations, slide transitions, content effects, and video embedding. The selection of presentation templates included is also impressive for free software.

One of the best things about this presentation software is that the user interface is incredibly familiar if you're from Microsoft. All tools are displayed in a top ribbon, with slides displayed on the left side of the screen for easy navigation. It's simple to view your presentation directly from WPS Presentation, which means you won't have any unexpected events when it's time to show your work.

However, WPS is supported by advertisements that some users find annoying even if they don't get in the way too much.

3. Prices (Windows, macOS, Linux, online)

Make elegant presentations online for free.

  • Animated presentations
  • Easy to use
  • Allows collaborative editing
  • Some trial and error

Prezi takes the traditional approach to presentations into your head. Instead of creating slide after slide, this presentation software offers a single giant canvas. You can add blocks of text or images or even create thumbnail slides. During your presentation, you can seamlessly fly around the canvas and zoom in to look at individual pieces of content.

As complex as it may seem, Prezi is incredibly simple to use. The only major divergence from Microsoft Powerpoint is that you need to add animated paths from one part of the drawing area to the other. The tools for this are quite simple, especially if you've used animation or video editing software in the past.

Of course, this type of presentation structure isn't always ideal. Prezi makes visualizing structured data complex such as financial ones, which can make it difficult to use them in a business environment. Other users may not even appreciate the fly-around animation style inherent in presentation software.

4. Canva (Windows, macOS, Linux, online)

Create elegant and easily shareable presentations online.

  • Free layouts available
  • Searchable image library
  • Seamless online sharing
  • Not compatible with PowerPoint

canva it's perfect for making quick presentations right in your browser. This software offers a handful of free layouts to help you get started with your presentation, and makes it easy to customize templates to suit your needs. There isn't a huge variety of content elements to add to your presentation, but Canva makes up for that with a search library of over 1 million images you can use.

Your Canva presentations are online, which makes collaborating with other people extremely easy. You can invite colleagues to edit the presentation (even if simultaneous editing is not supported) or seamlessly share the finished presentation.

If you think about working with Powerpoint in the future, you won't like knowing that Canva can't import presentations from Microsoft Powerpoint or export finished work in an editable format in Powerpoint.

5. LibreOffice (Windows, macOS, Linux)

Free presentation software, valid alternative to Powerpoint.

  • Most Powerpoint features
  • Works with Keynote for Mac
  • Hundreds of free templates
  • No integrated collaboration tool

LibreOffice is a free alternative to Microsoft Office and includes a Powerpoint equivalent called Impress with almost all the same features. The only big difference you'll find between the two slides creation tools is that LibreOffice lacks modern features like built-in collaboration and Microsoft OneDrive integration.

However, Impress has some advantages. The software can import files from Keynote, the default presentation software on Mac computers. Plus, there are hundreds of free templates that you can download for freeAnd. Even better, there is no limit to the fonts you can use with Impress, so it's easy to change the look of your presentation.

Overall, LibreOffice Impress is a good free Microsoft Powerpoint replica.

Other programs to create online presentations

Online there are many services that allow the sharing and creation of online presentations, among the best we find:

PowerPoint online: for Powerpoint nostalgics who have Microsoft credentials, a stripped down and minimal version of Powerpoint is available for free, to use on your web browser. You can create presentations, select templates or upload presentations even from OneDrive.

Slideshare: is a site where you can upload as many presentations as you want to share them with your work colleagues. It integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office and you can upload PPT files as well.

AuthorStream: is a service where you can share Powerpoint slides in live streaming. You can upload PPT files and decide whether to make them public or private. The site is easy to navigate and also allows you to download presentations that you can also convert to video formats.

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