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If you want write tweets longer than 140 characters, in this article I will explain how to get around the obstacle with a little trick.

Twitter is a social network that provides users with a page that can be updated through text messages with a maximum length of 140 characters (120 if you insert an image or a link). Twitter short messages are usually tagged with the use of hashtag: words or combinations of concatenated words preceded by the hash sign (#).

For some time the antagonist social network of Facebook has removed the limit of 140 characters for sending direct messages. To send them just click on Message and then New Message.

The limit remains, however, still today on tweets. Read on and you will find out how to exceed the 140-character limit for tweets.

Get around the obstacle for exceed the 140-character limit for tweets it is possible through a little trick. All you have to do is write your text message over 140 characters, in a text editor (e.g. notepad, word), take a screenshot and attach it to the tweet as an image, or use one of the many services that allow you to bypass this character limit by providing a link to the complete message.

Twishort provides longer tweets by allowing users to go beyond the 140 character limit through a very simple method; in practice, from the homepage of the application you can connect to the social network by writing a specific message in the box beyond the set limit. Once sent, a tweet of 140 characters will be displayed on Twitter but with a link to click on in order to read the rest of the tweet.

Tall Tweets allows you to write tweets longer than 140 characters. After logging into Twitter and authorizing access to the application by writing more than 140 characters, Tall Tweets will divide the content according to your choice or into multiple consecutive tweets or into a single image to be incorporated into a single tweet.

Twilonger, allows you to publish tweets on Twitter writing over 140 characters. In practice, the rest of the 140 characters can be read in the appropriate link.

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