How to recover Google account password

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How to recover Google account password. A comprehensive guide on recovering Google password and Google account email address by following the steps below.

Has your Google account been hacked and you don't know what to do? Has your password been changed and are you having trouble logging into your account? Calm, recover Google account password it's simple thanks to the information you chose when creating your account.

Note that if you have forgotten your password or username you will need to perform different procedures. If you are unable to recover Google account through the instructions you will find in this article, you will need to create a new Google account with a new username.

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How to recover Google account password

The recovery of a stolen or forgotten password from a Google account is done through a special wizard. Go to this page and type in your Google account email address and press the button NEXT.

In the following screen click on the link Forgot password?

Then enter the last password in the field Enter the last password you remember using for this Google Account.

Click on the button NEXT. In case of successful recovery you will get the message from Google Operation success and the message that you can continue to use your Google Account and have to change your password. Finish the operation by clicking on the button Continue.

If you do not remember the associated password, press the link Try a different method. Google will immediately send a notification asking you to confirm if you are trying to recover your account.

Press on Si on your mobile phone and go back to your PC to type in the new password of at least eight characters and that you do not use on other websites. Type it in the fields Crea Password e Confirmation, and presses the button NEXT to confirm the choice made and end the procedure. This will allow you to change your Google Account password.

If you are unable to receive the notification on your mobile, click on the link Try another method. Another screen will appear where you can receive a SMS or press the button Call to make a call and receive the code that will allow you to recover your password.

If you don't have your mobile phone at hand, you can click on the link I don't have my phone to receive the verification code on your e-mail address.

Press the button Send to receive the verification code in your e-mail box and enter the code in the Enter code field.

Alternatively, you can click on the link again Try a different method to insert Month e Year Google account creation.

If you don't remember, press for the umpteenth time on Try a different method. In this other case, you can enter an alternative email address where Google can contact you at a later time.

How to recover Google account username

If you don't remember your username, click on this page and press the link Don't remember your email address?.

In the following screen you can retrieve the Google email address by typing your phone number or the recovery email address.

Inserisci Phone Number o Email e pigia his NEXT. In the following screenshot: What's your name? enter your Name and Surname of the Google account and press the button NEXT. Google will ask you if you want to receive a verification code based on your choice.

If you have entered your email address, you will receive the verification code by email, otherwise you will receive an SMS to the phone number you indicated. Press the button Send to complete the recovery.

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How to see your Google account password

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