Red cross on the Wifi symbol: how to solve

After having revealed the solution for the malfunctions of the router related to the icons of the yellow and white astersic triangle, in this article I want to explain to you another anomaly represented by thered cross icon next to the WiFi symbol.

If for a few days you have detected on your PC an icon with a red cross positioned next to the Wifi symbol, you should know that the problem is due to the fact that you are not connected to a Wi-Fi network or no Wi-Fi networks are found.

When you see the red cross icon, the causes may be:

The physical Wi-Fi in your laptop is turned off, check that it is turned on. It is usually a small button at the top and has the Wi-Fi symbol.

The card does not support the network transmission frequency. For example, if your network uses a 5 GHz band, your network card may not support it. To find out you need to find out the frequency in use by reading the router documentation. Read also: Better a 2,4 GHz or 5 GHz Wifi?

The card supports network transmission frequency but the wireless network card driver excludes it. Check your network card to make sure it allows the same network frequency as your wireless network by going in Management devices, reachable from Control Panel> Systems and Security> System> Device Manager. Find the voice Network adapters> Name of the adapter network and select the card Advanced. Check that the setting Wireless mode allow the network frequency, checking it in the drop-down menu Value.

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