Edraw Max: complete software for diagrams, mind maps and organization charts

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Today we want to deepen the knowledge of Edraw, a software capable of offering many tools for the realization of diagrams, mind maps e organization charts. What are the advantages that can be obtained from using this program and what are the peculiarities of the tools provided? Let's find out more.

Edraw Max: the review

Edraw Max is one of the most loved programs by users. The intuitive and easy-to-use interface allows even those unfamiliar with computer programs to obtain the desired result.

Many features offered to subscribers, who can take advantage of the tool to create beautiful mind maps. Among these we find, for example, the possibility to optionally the theme of the diagram or to export the completed works with extreme ease.

The functions of Edraw Max

Edraw Max includes many options, all to be discovered quickly and easily. The software indeed shows itself extremely versatile: the flexibility of the program allows anyone to carry out high quality projects, to be used in the professional and non-professional sector.

Users who choose to subscribe to this software, integrating its functions into their daily work, can benefit from a 'wide range of models, which can be extended and applied, as we said, to the most varied professional fields. The program is, moreover, a product designed to meet different needs and to facilitate the user in the systemic programming of their projects.

The program also makes available to those who use it many models pre-established, which can be adapted to any type of work requirement: from the creation of websites to furniture graphics.

The multifunctionality is certainly a point in favor of the software, which is to be understood as a great point of reference when the need arises to realize flowcharts, diagrams of network, organization charts, illustrations, presentations in digital, models of design e various schemes.

You can also use it for create charts, so as to make the work simple and lean all the processes that lead to its realization.

Edraw Max adheres perfectly to any operating system. That the user uses Windows, Mac o Linux, it does not matter: in any case it will be easy for him to review the models made, create new ones and save the files.

Sharing the templates created with your team

The wide range of functions of the program - in addition to allowing the creation of mind maps, software architecture models and design for websites - allows those who use it to share the templates created with your team.

This last possibility is valuable for several reasons but above all because it offers the subscriber's colleagues to view and use the models created without being forced to install the software on their device.

Why choose Edraw Max and what are its advantages

We could all sum up the advantages of Edraw Max in one expression: potential communicative. Edraw Max is in fact a software that allows anyone to take the communication of their project to a new and higher level.

The creation of diagrams and concept maps is in fact only part of the function that the program can perform within a good one Marketing Strategy. From a practical point of view, the software facilitates the development of ideas, the ability to conceive the exchange and to create a space where all participants can contribute freely and fairly.

If we think, for example, of a financial presentation, with Edraw Max it could become an opportunity for growth and a powerful means to be used in the acquisition of new customers.

The use of colored slides e perfectly organized they can give us the opportunity to communicate to the potential collaborator the message we intend to convey, together with the vision that it carries with it, its intentions and objectives. Concept maps allow to favor the phenomenon of "display”, Which has always been considered the most valuable of all marketing tools.

In short, using Edraw means come up with a different strategy, innovative, which is far better than the one that overwhelms people with data and numbers.

The assistance service

A point in favor of Edraw Max is undoubtedly theefficient assistance service, which is always ready to solve any problems or provide support in case of need.

To receive assistance, just refer to the software website and click on the item "Support". In fact, the web portal presents a curtain that is useful for starting a correspondence via chat with the Edraw team and receiving help in a very short time.

Before requesting technical intervention, it may be useful to read the information on the page, which directs you to possible solutions based on the type of need: in fact, on the portal there is a section FAQ who tries to answer the most common questions and provide a quick solution to any kind of problem.

Finally, it is also possible to request assistance via email.

The prices of Edraw Max

EdrawMax prices are very competitive, which makes the program even more popular.

The program does not currently have a free plan. Nonetheless, it offers the possibility of starting a period of free trial. The paid version, instead, it presents different packages, cut according to the type of license you intend to adopt.


In conclusion we can say that Edraw Max can have a great impact on a company's productivity by structuring every day for it: thoughts, ideas and patterns.

Using it means optimizing one's resources, taking time away from useless things and streamlining all those thought processes to make room for the construction of objectives.

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