How to track a package online

When sending a package or a registered letter it is always useful to know how to track a shipment online. This is because the load can be important, or to be able to organize with the times.

Fortunately, today it is possible to use the Shipping Search function to track your package, both in Spain and abroad. In fact, with the search function for international shipments you can also track a package that travels through multiple countries.

Track a parcel in three steps

To track a shipment, just do the following:

  • Find the shipping code
  • Access the page with the "track shipment" function
  • Enter the tracking code in the appropriate box

In this regard, it must be said that the shipping code is provided by the courier to the sender and is specified on the waybill. The sender generally communicates the tracking queues to the recipient, so that he can track the incoming package.

In the event that you are expecting a package and want to track it, you must verify that the sender has communicated the shipping code. In the event that he has not communicated it, the recipient can request it.

The main couriers in Spain and the methods of tracking

In Spain the most used couriers are Post Spanish, SDA, BRT e TNT. The process of tracking a shipment is virtually the same for all of them.

To track a package you need to access the site, locate the shipping search function and then enter the tracking code where indicated.

BRT also allows you to use the customer's package ID or a shipper reference.

Is it possible to track international shipments?

The same type of service described up to now is also available for international shipments. It cannot be otherwise, and indeed the function is even more useful since there are more steps to check.

If you are expecting a package from abroad, it can take a long time, for example if it comes from other continents. While a package from Europe can arrive on average in 4-5 working days, a package from Asia or the Americas can take up to 2 or 3 weeks.

At this juncture of time, it is ideal to be able to take advantage of a search function for international shipments, in order to track a package wherever it is in the world.

The post office searches for international shipments function is offered precisely by the website of Spanish Post, but there are several couriers that offer this type of service.

When buying a package from eBay from abroad, for example, it is a good idea to request the tracking code to search for international shipping and make sure that everything is proceeding smoothly.

How to track a shipment on Amazon

Amazon is the leading online shopping platform. In addition to the wide range of choices, it also offers its users a simple parcel tracking service.

In fact, just access the official website, log in, click on "my orders”And then locate the ordered product for which you are waiting or you need to access the site.

On the page that appears, you can click on "Track my package”To access the page containing all the information relating to the shipment.

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