How to share a Twitter account with multiple people

You want to create an account Twitter of your Facebook-like business? Do you want to know if there is a system to use the profile you created with the personal account of your friend or collaborator? Don't worry, in this guide I will try to explain you in a few steps how to share a Twitter account with multiple people, without necessarily having to be a computer expert.

Share a Twitter account with multiple people, like Facebook which allows multi-user management of a fan page, it's not that easy. Twitter is very restrictive and allows you to do so on the condition of activating an advertising account, which however cannot send organic tweets but only sponsored.

The solution actually exists, and it is called TweetDeck. It is a free service that allows you to share a Twitter profile and then manage the profile created by your friend or collaborator by connecting with yours. This way you can avoid sharing your login details and manage a Twitter profile with multiple people.

To allow this, the owner of the account to be used must grant you their permission. To do this, he must log in to TweetDeck with his credentials and click on the menu Account. Then he has to choose the profile for which to authorize and select the item Team members.

In Add team members will have to enter your reference. By entering TweetDeck you can send messages in the name of the page you have become the manager of and do much more.

This way you can enjoy multi-user tweets as and when you want.

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