How to save on spending by writing on Facebook

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Startup abruzzese, Free Social Market allows subscribers to make purchases in exchange for reviews on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Subscription to the service provides a subscription of € 14,90 per month. After the subscription you can choose 13 products from the site catalog that are added to a virtual shopping cart. In this case you have two options:

  • Collect the goods in person
  • Have it shipped comfortably to your home.

For the moment the shops are only in Pescara and Rome, but new points of sale should be born in the future.

In total they earn 13 products each € 14,90 with a small shipping charge for home delivery.

Once you have tried the purchased products, you are asked to post a review on your favorite social network within a set time. You can use Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. It is important to include one in the review photo it's a Product Description telling their impressions, as well as filling out a questionnaire to let the manufacturing companies know what you think of the items purchased.

How to save on spending by writing on Facebook

The site of Free Social Market it is very clear and rich in content. The section entitled How it works is divided into three areas:

  • Subscribe
  • Order
  • Share

How to buy on the Free Social Market

To use the service you need to register by clicking on SUBSCRIBE by entering name, surname, city, email, password and the social network you want to use for reviews, without forgetting to copy and paste the link to the social home page.

The advice is to read the service contract well to check the conditions set by the site and start using Free Social Market. 

The catalog consists mostly of foodstuffs but there are also items for house cleaning and body care. However, not all products can be purchased with the subscription mechanism combined with the review. The products on offer with subscription are identifiable thanks to a blue mark with writing Free and to see them all together just click on Try Free & Share.

Every month the offer of free items changes (usually there are about forty). The companies that offer free products get publicity and are able to make themselves known by entering directly into the homes of consumers. The suppliers are actually farms, bakeries, craft breweries based throughout Spain.

Each product is presented by a information sheet where the price, quantity available, ingredients and description of the package are indicated. On the same page you can find all the information about the manufacturing company.

How to review a product purchased on Free Social Market

The review carried out must be complete and detailed. It will be necessary not only to publish a color photo taken by us but to post a description of the product that explains its qualities from our point of view. It will be necessary to use at least two or three adjectives concerning the product and the minimum length must be a maximum of 140 characters. The text must contain the name of the site plus that of the product and the company that makes it, preceded by a hashtag (the symbol #). In addition to the hashtag, it will be important to tag the Free Social Market page on your favorite social network.


  • Subscription to the service is worthwhile if you have at least 100 friends on Facebook or 100 followers on Instagram and Twitter and a profile that has been active for more than 6 months.
  • The saving by spending 14,90 for 13 products is about 50/60 euros.
  • The products are of excellent quality and come from local and artisan realities
  • You must use the subscription by the expiration date to avoid losing the amount invested.
  • For reviews, there is a control mechanism that excludes those who go against the rules of the game starting from the following month.
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