How to repair damaged system files

You updated your PC to Windows 10 and after a scandisk with sfc / scannow you got the following error: “Windows Resource Protection: unable to restore some of the damaged files found. The details are visible in the CBS.Log file windir / Logs / CBS / CBS.log. Please note that registration is not supported in the latest online installation scenarios ”.

Unfortunately some system files are corrupt and you will necessarily have to repair damaged system files. Read on and take a few minutes of your time, you will understand what to do.

Let's say right away that the command sfc / scannow allows you to check system files and restore missing or damaged ones. To use this command in the best way I recommend that you make it work in depth and launch it with administrator privileges by right-clicking on the Command Prompt (from Start> Accessories) and select from the pop-up menu Run as administrator then type sfc / scannow and press Enter.

To read the CBS file you must always open the Command Prompt with administrative permissions and type the following lines:

findstr /c:”[SR]”%windir%LogsCBSCBS.log  >”%userprofile%Desktopsfcdetails.txt

Pressing Enter will copy the contents of CBS.log In the file sfcdetails.txtThe latter contains details on how sfc / scannow works.

Now you can run sfcdetails.txt with Notepad to understand what happened to your PC. When you open the file you will find references to the scannow procedures performed. The one you are interested in is identifiable by date and time. Inside it are filenames that cannot be restored automatically.

Then a how to repair damaged system files? In this case you will need to get the Windows installation CD and insert it into the drive. Open the Command Prompt and launch the instruction below:

TAKEOWN / f path_and_name_damaged_file

Continue with:

Icacls path_and_name_damaged_file / GRANT ADMINISTRATORS: F

Now replace the corrupt file with the healthy one by doing:

copy file_path good_file_path corrupted

To work, remember to leave a space between the two paths and good luck.

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