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Word offers many features that are often unknown and little used. Most users use Word to write documents, limiting themselves only to that without realizing that the Microsoft tool also has other options for creating complex interactive guides, within which it is possible to jump from one point to another in the document. to connect to external websites.

Read on because in a few simple steps I will reveal to you how to insert internal links in Word.

If within your text in Word you have references to other parts of the document, bookmark management is the best solution to make your file interactive. For insert internal links in Word, you can have three tools present in the voice Connections:

  • Hyperlink;
  • Bookmark;
  • Cross-reference.

The first allows you to link the document to a Web page, the second allows you to insert bookmarks within the document to which you can link to direct navigation, the third offers a similar function but allows linking to specific elements such as images , or captions.

Open Word and after writing some text, for insert internal links, positioned where you want to insert the first link. Open the tab Inserisci and in the Toolbar click Bookmark. Give the bookmark a recognizable name, such as "Connection", and click Add.

Now move the cursor to the point where you want the connection to land and repeat the operation by always clicking on Bookmark from the card Inserisci. Type a name, for example Home, and then click Add.

At the top of the page, select the item you want to link to the created bookmark. Click connection Hypertextual and then on the button Bookmark.

In the window that appears, select connection.

The item containing the link will change formatting and become an interactive link.

By clicking on it, holding down the key CTRL, Word will bring you to the point you set the Bookmark Start.

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