How to count the beats in Word

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Once the drafting of a Word document has been completed, there may be a need to know how much it occupies in terms of characters (i.e. characters and spaces between the various words). In this case you will have to obligatorily count the beats in Word both for those who, in the studio, are instructed to present a paper of a certain length, and for those who, for work, are paid based on a certain number of words (for example, translators, authors of text reviews, etc.) .

If you want to know how long a text is, take some time and keep reading, I'll reveal to you how to count the words of a Word document.

How to count the beats in Word

After having opened a Word document and drafted it, if you want to find out in terms of words, pages and characters, how long it is, you have to do the Word count by opening the tab revision.

In the menu Correction tools choose the option Word count.

By checking the appropriate box, you can choose whether or not to include text boxes and any footnotes or notes at the end of the file in the count.

If you need to count only a part of the document, you can first select the portion of text to be analyzed and then start the word count.

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