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Do you have a protected Word file in your hands and are unable to edit it in any way? Would you like to copy the text and paste it into a new document so you can edit it as you wish? Don't worry and do not lose heart, in this guide I will reveal you how to copy text from a protected Word document with a little trick.


If you can't copy text from a protected Word document as the copy function is disabled, and you do not have the password necessary to unlock the document, you can first try to save the protected Word document in another format such as PDF or ODT.

Then open the saved document and try to edit it or convert it back to Word with the SmallPDF online converter by clicking on the page: Convert Word to PDF.


The second way is to copy the text into a second blank document. To do this you need to open a new Word document (CTRL + N) and go to tab Inserisci.

From the inset Text click on the icon Subject and select Text from file. Then choose the protected document and click on Inserisci.

Doing so will copy the text into the new document and you can change it as and when you want.

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