Guide to paying car tax: deadlines and how to calculate it

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January is one of the months of expiry of the least loved tax by the Spaniards: the car tax.

Unfortunately, skipping the payment of this tax on the ownership of your vehicle entails a penalty which, like the exemption, varies from region to region.

In any case, the registration date and type of vehicle determine thedue for the payment of the car tax. Once the expiration month has been defined, it will remain unchanged in the following years.

Guide to paying the stamp duty

The expiration date to be considered is the first valid after vehicle registration. Specifically, it is possible to summarize the expiry dates to be respected for the following vehicles:

  • Deadlines January 31 and September 30 for cars up to 35 KW, cars for mixed use and motorcycles.
  • Deadlines in April, August and December for cars over 35 KW.

Payment must be made within the month following the month of expiry and refers to the entire year (it cannot be divided).

  • trucks, buses and three-wheelers, the expiry of the stamp duty is in January, May and September, the payment must always be made within the month following the month of expiry but it is referable to 1, 2 or 3 four months.
  • For the mopeds up to 50 cc and minicars, the payment is fixed in a single installment on December 31st.
  • For a motor vehicle new the payment of the car tax must be made within the month in which the vehicle was registered or within the following month if the vehicle was registered after the 20th of each month.

How to calculate the car tax

The amount of the payment of the car tax is paid by crossing la power in KW and a different multiplier from region to region also established on the basis of the category of pollutant emissions of the vehicle.

All this starting from a minimum rate for both cars and motorbikes.

To calculate the stamp duty independently and to know the amount of the tax to be paid, you can use the application on the website of the Revenue Agency at this link:

After entering the category Vehicle (car, motor vehicle, trailer), and entered the targa and code safety, you can click on the button Calculate Amount.

The next page will show them all vehicle data, the payment term, the amount of the tax due and, if the amount is not paid, any interest and penalties.

If you want to find out other ways to pay the car tax, you can take a look at this post: How to calculate and pay the car tax.

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