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PDF Eraser is a free program that allows anyone to edit documents and edit PDFs as images.

Reading a PDF very easy, you just need a free software installed on your PC, such as Adobe Reader. Editing them is not that simple unless you download PDF Eraser, it is a free software and compatible with all Windows systems.

To download the PDF Eraser software you need to connect to the official website www.pdferaser.net. Click on "Download now”To download the setup file. Once downloaded "Pdferaser.exe“,, 30 Mb file, double click on it to install the program. The installation procedure does not involve particular difficulties, although it is all in English.

Once PDF Eraser is started, you will be faced with an essential interface with a few buttons. Click on "Open PDF”To open the first PDF to edit.

The number one option of PDF Eraser is the one that allows you to delete elements of the PDF as if you were editing an image in a graphic editor. Select a "eraserIn other, small, medium or large. Pass the eraser over the area to be erased, holding down the left mouse button as if you are drawing. If you do something wrong, use the command undo cancel the operation at the top right of the menu.

The erased part turns white. To color that area go to Tools/Color. Choose the fill color in the window Color that appears. Filling is automatic.

Often the color does not coincide perfectly with that of the surrounding areas. For this you can define a custom hue, calibrating the shades.

Another thing you can do: add some text. Use the "Add text”Found in the main menu, at the top. After defining the area in which to insert the text, open an editing window. All that remains is to write and then click on "OK".

The choice of font and size of the text is done later. The entered text is automatically selected: just go to Tools/Font and modify the parameters that appear in the "Character type". You can use all fonts installed on the system. 

If you have deleted an image and want to replace it with another, just select the "Add Image”In the top menu and click where you want to insert the new photo.

When the image appears on the page, you need to adjust it to fit the page. You can move it, enlarge it, reduce it, change its aspect ratio.

To save the work just done, just go to the menu Fillet and use the command "Save PDF as", Assign the name, choose the destination and press"Save". It is advisable to save the PDF with another name so as not to overlap the original image and possibly be able to recover the original document.

PDF Eraser also provides a tool for the animation of the pages of a PDF document. Just press the "Page Cutter“, Select the PDF file to open and use the“ Page Cutter ”window to choose the page to cut. By pressing the keys SHIFT or CTRL more than one can be selected at the same time.

At the cost of $ 29,95 there is also a Pro version of PDF Eraser with the possibility of delete watermarks on saved PDFs and use the program for commercial purposes with the right to support.

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