Come convertire and hard disk da FAT to NTFS

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You must convertire un hard disk FAT 16 o FAT 32 in formato NTFS? To do this you can use the Command Prompt.

The format NTFS Windows allows compared to the classic FAT:, to obtain significantly better performances and to guarantee higher levels of data security, thanks to the permissions that can be attributed to files and folders.

A hard disk or even a partition in FAT format can be easily converted to NTFS without risking damaging existing data.

Go in Explore Resources and seek your unity identifying the letter (the letter of the hard disk) and write down the volume name (e.g. WRKSPACE). Now, open the Prompt commands with administrator privileges going up Start> Run> write Cmd > press Submit, or from Programs> Accessories> right click on Command Prompt and click su Run as administrator.

In the window MS DOS which will open type convert drive_ letter: (es. convert D :) / fs: ntfs. In our case we will have convert D: /fs:ntfs. Press Submit and when prompted, enter the label of the volume you wrote down initially.

You just have to stay confirm the operation and wait for completion.

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