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Le best home workout app they are a great way to move when you are unable to hit the gym. However, it can be difficult to know which ones are valid and which ones not to consider.

The App Store and Google Play Store are both packed with apps that promise to help you improve your flexibility and fitness at home, but only the best are made by skilled professionals with a real understanding of what makes training safe and healthy. effective.

Le best home workout app they provide clear instructions in video or audio format (or both) and encourage you as if they were real coaches while you are practicing your exercises. They also offer a wide range of home workout plan ideas to keep you from getting bored and allow you to create custom plans and track your progress.

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Best free home workout apps

Below are the apps that have workouts you can do in your apartment, although many also offer ideas, guides, and support for exercising outdoors or in the gym. We've also included a mix of free and paid options, so you'll find everything you need for any budget.

1. Adidas Training by Runtastic (Android, iOS, Apple Watch)

A home workout app packed with free video and audio guides.

  • Wide range of free content
  • Erase audio prompts
  • Can create custom workouts
  • Lack of motivational coaching

Adidas Training by Runtastic It has a big advantage over most home workout apps: it offers a decent range of free features. As you might expect, the Adidas brand is heavily promoted throughout, but this isn't just a marketing tool - it's an app that's available for both Android and iOS, and it's truly perfect for your home workout.

There are many ready-made workouts to choose from, and if you can't see anything interesting, you can create your own by selecting body parts and setting a duration, a weighted feature that could save you a lot of time.

You are guided through the workouts by video and audio narration. Unfortunately there is no motivational coach; you are simply told what to do and for how long. Try to watch the phone and then the exercises, the first time you train, so that you can check out the video. Once you understand the exercises you will be able to get by with just the voice instructions.

There are several premium training plans available, but for basic exercises, the free app has a lot to offer.

2. Nike Training Club (Android, iOS, Apple Watch)

Over 190 completely free home workouts to choose from.

  • Completely free to use
  • Easy broadcast on TV
  • Highly customizable
  • Workouts need to be downloaded

Come Adidas Training and Running, Nike Training Club offers an impressive archive of free content.

Signing up is simple, and after entering just a few details about yourself and your current activity levels, you'll be presented with a helpful set of workouts (complete with timelines) that may suit your needs. Can't see what you want? You can also search for options by muscle group or type of training (endurance, strength, mobility, or yoga). It is also possible to limit the scope to short workouts or those that can be performed without any additional equipment. There are over 190 exercises available at the time of writing, with more being added from the app on a regular basis.

The videos from this home workout app, also available for Android and iOS, are well crafted (although not quite as refined as the premium offerings) and provide plenty of customization options. Do you like to train with music? There is a switch to activate it. Do you want to deactivate the audio guide and receive only the drilling times? This is also possible. You can even mute the sound completely and use graphics only.

Many of the apps here can stream video to your TV, but Nike Training Club is, among many, the easiest to use. It allows you to send workouts on a big screen with a couple of taps.

The only downside is that every workout needs to be downloaded before you can start, so you'll need an active internet connection, this means the setup app size is small.

3. Aaptiv (Android, iOS, Apple Watch)

Thousands of voice-guided workouts at your fingertips.

  • Motivational coaches
  • It is not necessary to use a screen
  • Huge choice of workouts
  • Quite expensive

While most home workout apps use videos to demonstrate what you should do, aaptiv use your voice during activities, which means you don't have to hold your phone or tablet and scan the screen with each exercise. It also features licensed music, so you don't have to worry about setting up a playlist from another app.

Also available for Android and iOS, upon first login, Aaptiv asks you to set a goal (e.g. run faster, lose weight or just stay fit) and provide some information about your fitness level and training habits. You will also be asked which options you will have access to and only recommended workouts you can do.

The workouts are divided into categories such asstrength training and stretching, and each has an estimated duration and difficulty level, as well as star ratings from other users to help you make your choice.

All the coaches featured in the app are relentlessly cheerful and uplifting, which can really help you as you work out on your own, away from the buzz of a real gym.

The app has a monthly cost and a discount is available if you pay for a full year in advance. It is a considerable financial commitment, but you will still find over 3.000 lessons to not get bored and group challenges to motivate you.

Your subscription starts with a free trial period and you won't be charged if you cancel before it expires.

4. Fitbit Coach (Windows 10, Xbox, Android)

Offers fun video-guided workouts, without a Fitbit,

  • Free option available
  • It does not require a Fitbit device
  • Clear video instructions
  • Lacks training plans

The workouts in Fitbit Coach they are led by professional and enthusiastic instructors (choose yours before starting the fitness test), who guide you through each movement with clear video instructions. Not sure how to perform a certain exercise? Just plug it in and you'll be shown exactly how to do it safely (an invaluable feature when you're training alone).

The first time you launch the app, which is available for Android and iOS, you will be prompted to create a Fitbit account (or sign in with your existing one), and perform an eight-minute fitness test. You will then be able to make your choice from a range of programs designed with different objectives.

You can subscribe to Fitbit Coach Premium, offering more workouts, personalized plans based on your progress and goals, audio coaching for running and walking, a larger group of instructors to choose from, and multiple music stations. You can pay monthly or annually.

You don't need a Fitbit device to use Fitbit Coach, even if you have one, connecting it is a breeze. The app can also be linked to Facebook e Google Fit, allowing you to share efforts with your friends; another great motivation to get off the couch and move.

5. Asana Rebel (Android, iOS, Apple Watch, Apple TV)

It makes yoga accessible and encourages healthier habits.

  • Create your daily plans
  • Huge choice of workouts
  • Beautifully designed
  • It assumes you want to lose weight

Asana Rebel it is primarily a yoga app, although it is also packed with tools to help you develop a better sleeping position and other lifestyle habits.

As with most of the best home workout app, you will need to start by signing up for an account and fill in some details about yourself (including height, weight and age). It is assumed that you are aiming to lose weight - it prompts you to enter a goal - but you can always make it equal to your current weight.

Although you can download the app for Android or iOS, and browse its dozens of yoga practices for free, you need a premium subscription. This will also unlock meditation sessions, regular reminders, and guided meditations to help you sleep better. Membership can be done monthly or for a full year if paid in advance.

Workouts are categorized, such as core work and tension relieving, with detailed descriptions to help you select one that fits your current mood. It's mostly about picking something that meets your needs right now, although you can add any practice you particularly like to your favorites for quick access later.

The videos are beautifully shot and as many yoga classes and apps seem to be aimed primarily at women, the developers of Asana Rebel have made sure to include plenty of male instructor guides as well, as well as options for all abilities.

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