Oddworld: Soulstorm - Guide: Where to Find All Mudokons (Level 5 - The Valley of Pain)

After saving the Mudokons in level 4 (The Funicular), Abe will be found in the Pain Valley / Sorrow Valley. There are many dangers here, including snipers Slig and flying variants that fire rockets. However, you should be able to get by very well.

Here is our guide to help you rescue all the Mudokons in the Valley of pain, the fifth level of Oddworld: Soulstorm.

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  • Mudokons: 31
  • Requirement for 80%: 25

Mudokon # 1 to 4

They are located in the first cave you will come across. Watch out for the mutant dogs here (sneak around).

Two of the Mudokons are in an elevated section of the area. Have them follow you and stop them on the plates. This action will open the room where the remaining two Mudokons are.

Walk cautiously until you are near the Bird Portal and tell your followers to wait. Step away and activate Abe's song (so the dogs don't wake up) and use it to open the Bird Portal.

Mudokon # 5 to 8

Eventually you will reach a part where you have to use a cable car while the flying Sligs shoot you. Use Abe's chant to own one that uses a rocket launcher to take out enemies.

Control the same mob and go further to the right. Shoot the wooden wall with the rocket launcher to open a passage to a door.

This door leads to a secret area. You can own the Sligs or find other means to take them out.

At the bottom of this area you will find more Mudokons. Guide them to the Bird Portal near where you entered this section.

Mudokon from # 9 to 11

You will reach the first giant ladder in level 5. Climb and swing using the backrests to reach a secret area that is right above you.

There are three Mudokons here (two on the left are easily visible and one is a bit hidden above the boxes).

Mudokon from issue # 12 to 14

Go back on the "normal path" to reach a checkpoint. There is a ledge to the right where there are some Mudokons.

On the left, you'll need to sneak past the Sligs while defusing the mines. Kill the sleeping Slig and open the Bird Portal to rescue your fellow aliens.

Mudokon from issue # 15 to 19

Beyond the bridge with the sleeping Sligs and mines, you will discover a mine. In the first section you will find three Mudokons. The other two are in the next section on a higher ledge.

Sneak around to avoid waking the beasts. Be sure to use the switches to close the metal gates so you can use the chant on the portal without waking the mobs.

Mudokon from issue # 20 to 21

Exit the mine and look for a way down to the right. There is a secret area here with two Mudokons and a portal.

For the next section (with the cable car and the Flying Sligs), try owning a mob that has a rocket launcher. You should be able to take out the remaining hostiles much faster. Additionally, you can use their firearms to destroy a conduit and to disable the electric field.

After going through the shaft, the airship will bomb you. Keep rolling to avoid taking damage.

Mudokon # 22 to 25

Proceed normally until you reach the section with the electrified fence and the trapped Mudokons. You will have to go left and then up to reach a sensor. This will spawn a flying Slig that you can own. Guide him through this labyrinthine area with many rotating and explosive traps. Then, once you reach the end, destroy the wooden boxes and take out the guard.

Note: If the flying Slig has a weak weapon, it may not be able to destroy boxes, so try to find one that uses a flamethrower. You can let the mob be killed so that the contraption near the sensor generates a new variant.

Either way, you can continue to control the flying Slig beyond this point. Go ahead and activate the levers and kill the snipers.

Once the objectives are complete, detonate the mob and go back to control Abe. Talk to the four Mudokons and bring them to safety via the nearby Bird Portal.

Note: to clarify, we have reached the end of the level but losing six Mudokon. We still met the 80% requirement. We will update this guide in the future once we find out where the other Mudokons are hiding.

In any case, in the next Oddworld: Soulstorm guide we will guide you in search of the Mudokons in the levels: Grassolina Station (6), The Hijacking (7) and the Old Trellis (8).

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