iOS 14.5, the Tool to recalibrate the battery on the iPhone

iOS 14.5 is an upcoming Major Release and it is no coincidence that we often hear about new implementations that are gradually discovered by the beta testers who are using it.

The last is the one that allows you to re-calibrate the maximum and peak capacity of the batteries of the iPhone 11.

Apparently the whole iPhone 11 family has a bug that presents incorrect information on the battery, often causing it to be reported as "degraded".

This wording generally appears about after the third year of life in an iPhone (although the data basically depends on the use and charge cycles of the smartphone): when the battery reaches 80% of maximum capacity, the software reports deterioration and recommends its replacement in an Apple center.

In iPhone 11 however, it seems that this item also appears with an almost new battery, affecting the real residual capacity of the device.

Apple began working on this system precisely in view of the many reports of people who reported the malfunction of the battery of their mobile phone. The company has clarified that the problem is not hardware but of a software nature which, after a few charge cycles, is no longer able to count the real charge cycles and therefore begins to report the battery as degraded.

The fix with iOS 14.5

With the update to iOS 14.5, the re-calibration will be carried out automatically during the first charging cycle. The check will be reported in the battery settings through a specific item and, once completed, will report the verified data. For those who have already had the degraded battery signal, this message will be immediately deleted and a new check of the battery health status will be made.

iOS 14.5 will probably be released in June and if you are wondering what the other features of the new OS will be, you can take a look HERE.

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