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Have you just sent a message in a WhatsApp group and want to know who has read it? Finding out if a WhatsApp message has been read by the group participants is not so difficult, if you carefully follow what I am about to tell you, I am sure that at the end of this guide you will also understand the meaning of the double ticks that appear next to the written sentence.

To discover how to see who reads Whatsapp group messages you must first analyze the color of the ticks. When next to the written sentence the ticks are gray, it means that the message has reached the participants who, however, have not yet read it, when the ticks are blue it means that all participants have seen the message.

see who reads WhatsApp group messages when the ticks are still gray, the message must have been sent by you. Unfortunately, you will never know if the messages sent by your friends have also been read by others. In the latter case, the blue ticks will confirm that everyone has read that message.


If you have an Android mobile device and want to identify the names of those who viewed the message in the WhatsApp group, you must first open the WhatsApp app and join the group. Locate the message, photo, video or audio you sent and highlight it by holding your finger down to wait for an icon with info (s). Press on the latter and wait for the appearance of the new screen.

You will see in the window Info message, a list Read by, with the double blue check, with all the names of the people who have seen your message and for each the date and time of reading; by selecting the single name, it is also possible to view the details of the delivery date and time. At the bottom of the same section, you will have the number of the remainder who have not read it regardless of whether they have received it or not.

Below you will notice in the section Delivered to, with the double gray check, the name of the person who received the message but did not read it and for each the date and time of delivery. If, on the other hand, some of the participants have not received the message, at the bottom of the same section will be indicated the number of the others to whom it still needs to be delivered.


If you have an iPhone, the steps to know who reads WhatsApp group messages are equivalent to those of Android. All you have to do is, after opening the app, go to the group and after identifying the message you sent press on it and then tap on Info. In the window Info message, In Read by you will find all the names of the participants who have read your message with the rest who have not read it.

Inside the section Read by e Delivered by, you will find the same features of Android, already explained in the previous paragraph.

There is another solution to see who is reading WhatsApp group messages on iPhone. After sending the message, swipe from right to left on the text, image or video to wait for the screen to appear Info message. Now you can check who has read your message.

The latter feature is available in recent WhatsApp updates.


If you prefer to prevent others from knowing that you have read a message, you must disable WhatsApp read receipts.

If you have Android or iPhone you must:

Going up Settings> Account> Privacy and set to off the voice Read confirmation.

Attention, by doing so you will not see the read receipts of other users.

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