How to reduce HTTP requests to speed up your site

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If you are looking for a solution for reduce HTTP requests and speed up your site, you will have to try to minimize the resources of a web page and thus improve its performance.

When you type the address of an Internet site, you must know that the browser connects to it and starts downloading the source code of the page to be displayed. A page also needs to download some files external to the page itself (CSS files, JS files or images). For each additional resource, therefore, the browser will make a new one HTTP request to the server to download these files.

reduce HTTP requests and speed up your site, you need to merge all the files CSS and scripts javascript in two separate files that you will need to call all.css e all.js. Access your web space and save all the CSS and Javascript files present on your PC.

They are generally contained in special folders, such as css folder o js folder. Open your browser and connect to the site refresh-sf. In the section Input (via drag & drop) drag all previously saved CSS files. The Web service will automatically group the files, generating a new single file, containing the code of all the CSS: the new file will have a weight halved compared to the sum of the original files.

Once you have created a new (empty) text document on your PC, open it and paste the code generated by the site into it Refresh-sf. Click on Fillet, Save with name and rename the file all.css (remember to delete the suffix . Txt). Repeat the code unification operation, for all JavaScript files in the js folder.

At the end of the procedure you will have only two files: all.css e all.js.

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