How to find out if a site is Web Responsive

I have a Responsive website? How do I know?

It is a question that all Webmasters who have a site today ask themselves. Smartphones and tablets have taken over the tech market, and websites are also trying to automatically adapt theirs layout to any viewing environment, minimizing the need for the user to slide, especially horizontally, or of zoom.




An unresponsive site can be adapted and easily become responsive through different techniques; the site, however, must be analyzed and studied in depth to understand the amount of changes to be implemented. If then the processing were too onerous in that case it would be better to rebuild the site with a new graphic model.

To test our website and verify its adaptability to mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), simply use the browser Mozilla Firefox. After opening it, we type the URL of the site and press the keys in sequence CTRL+ MAIUSC M.



Mozilla Firefox will change the appearance of the page to fit the desired resolution. It is actually a real simulator where you can choose the typical resolution of the most popular peripherals.

Among the various resolutions we find that for smartphones (360 × 480), tablets and more. Further to the right we have the button Wheel corresponding to the double tap on the smartphone to zoom, a touch event simulator and a key screenshot to capture the image.

In this responsive simulation mode, the keys and links work as if we were in front of a mobile device with the possibility of navigating to check all its functions.

At the end of this simulation, just press the keys again CTRL + MAIUSC + M to permanently exit the environment and return to the initial mode.

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