How to delete blank lines in Excel

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You need to delete blank lines in Excel in a column with many records but you don't know how to do it? Manually delete each row by selecting it and clicking on the item in the menu Delete it is certainly very easy but doing it on many records and repeating the operation too many times could become really tiring and not without errors.

A good solution to delete blank lines is to sort alphabetically the column to group the empty cells and then manually delete the rows, but if you have to keep the original layout of the Excel file or there are many columns, this activity could become onerous and demanding.


  • How to delete blank lines in Excel
    • First Method
    • Second Method

How to delete blank lines in Excel

The solution that I propose to you with this guide for delete blank lines in Excel is to use section vai accessed in Excel 2010 from the menu Home > Find and Select or directly with the key F5.

First Method

  • Select the column you need to delete rows with blank cells
  • Awards F5 and in the window vai a press the button Analysis
  • Check the item Empty Cells
  • Click on Ok
  • You will end up with rows with blank cells selected
  • Position the mouse on one of the many selected cells
  • Right click to choose the item in the menu Delete to delete the selected lines.

Second Method

If you have not only blank cells but entire blank rows in your Excel table, you could adopt the formula Count Blank. This formula is useful if your table looks like this:

Donald Duck101

By creating a column called Empty with the formula = Count Blanks (a2: c2), applying it to all rows you will get the number of empty cells. In our case the number 3 indicates that the row has all empty cells. Enter i filters Excel (CTRL+Shift+L), if you have a table with many records. Filter all values ​​with 3 and then after selecting them, right-click on the selection and, in the menu that appears, click on Delete line.

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