How Amazon Kindle Unlimited Works: Costs and Benefits

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How Amazon Kindle Unlimited Works. A guide on the costs and benefits of the Amazon service that allows you to take advantage of a large catalog of books for free.

If you love reading and don't want to miss the best best sellers of the moment, then you will have the pleasure of knowing that Amazon offers a real book catalog where you can read for free from any device, whether PC, smartphone or tablet. The service in question is Amazon Kindle Unlimited, in practice it is nothing more than the version dedicated to books as are Amazon Prime Video for movies and TV series and Amazon Music Unlimited for the world of music.

How Amazon Kindle Unlimited Works

Want to know if Amazon Kindle Unlimited is free or paid? If the use of the service requires the creation of an account? Let's see it together.

How to sign up for Amazon Kindle Unlimited

Subscribing to the Kindle Unlimited service is very simple, all you have to do is connect to the official website and press the button Sign up, it's free for 30 days.

Please note:: usually Amazon Prime or Amazon Prime Student members can take advantage of an even longer trial period (from 2 to 3 months).

Once the button is pressed you will accept all the conditions of use and a subscription with a free trial period of 30 days. At the end of which the subscription will be renewed at cost of 9,99 euros per month. You can still cancel the automatic subscription at any time.

Then log in with your Amazon details by entering yours emails e Password then click on Log in. Amazon will confirm your registration and immediately after you can start using the service and browse the vast number of books available.

How to use Amazon Kindle Unlimited

The main page of Kindle Unlimited consists of several sections:

  • New in Unlimited
  • In Vogue today
  • List of the most popular ebooks

By clicking on the View More button, you can enter the category and see the complete list.

Still on the main page, you can click Browse the catalog to view all the books in the service and search by macro category. You can make filters to view the news of the last 30 days, of the last 90 days o of the next 90 days. Alternatively, you can also find the sub-categories referring to the various literary genres.

Once you have identified the book in digital format of interest, you can download it for free and start reading it. Always check for the presence of the voice Kindle format and then click on the button Read for free.

If you are with a computer to read a book, just click on Read now with the Kindle cloud reader, on the other hand, if you are on a mobile device and have downloaded the Amazon Kindle app for Android or iOS, the book will also be sent in digital format to your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet (thanks to your Amazon account) as soon as you connect via WiFi.

If you want to read your Kindle eBooks in your web browser and don't have a Kindle device, you can take advantage Kindle Cloud Reader.

This is a web version of Kindle where you can read your digital books even without being connected to the Internet. To activate it you have to, after taking the book from Kindle Unlimited, press the button library and confirm, when the message appears, theactivating the Kindle Cloud Reader configuration for offline reading.

How to cancel your Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription

disattivare Amazon Kindle Unlimited, before the service is renewed, go to the Amazon main page (you must be logged in).

Then go to your account, at the top, and press on Mine Kindle Unlimited. Then click on the link Unsubscribe from Kindle Unlimited, next to the item Manage Subscription. Confirm the deactivation of the service by pressing the button Ends registration,

At the end of the month all reserved books will be returned. In case of a trial period you will not have any credit card charges.

For more details, I invite you to read the Amazon Kindle Unlimited terms of use.

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