Guide Pokémon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire, the legendaries


- Introduction and Notes: Hoenn Legendary Capture Guide
- Latios / Latias
- Groudon / Kyogre
- Rayquaza and Deoxys
- Heatran
- Legendary Golems: Regirock, Registeel, Regice, Regigigas (updated)
- Cresselia
- Ho-Oh / Lugia
- Legendary Beasts: Raikou, Hentei, Suicune
- Guardians of the lakes: Mesprit, Uxie, Azelf
- Legendary Dragons: Palkia, Dialga, Giratina
- Solemn Swordsmen: Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion
- Trio of Kami: Tornadus, Thundurus, Landorus
- Trio Tao: Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem

How to catch all the legendary Pokémon present in Oras

In the review we have anticipated how between Pokémon Omega Ruby e Alpha Sapphire there are a myriad of Legendary Pokémon to catch, ranging from the classic Groudon / Kyogre / Rayquaza trio to those from Johto, Unova and other regions. But where and at what point in the game can we find them? Here is a detailed summary with all the useful information.

For questions or clarifications, write in the comments or send a tweet to @ MonkeyD89.

IMPORTANT: Change the time of the 3DS blocks events related to Legendary Pokémon for 24 hours, plus the time it takes to arrive at the next midnight. Other tricks follow, perhaps trivial, but that could escape: before trying to catch a Pokémon it is advisable to activate the Power Or Capture (appropriately brought to level 3; it is advisable to increase it by donating it to other players through the PS). Remember to save the game before interacting with the Pokémon, and if you are interested in nature and IV, keep a Pokémon with synchronism, whether of the nature you want the legendary to have, as the first Pokémon in the team (we have bred many Ralts, but Abra is fine too): this ability offers a 50% chance that the wild Pokémon has the same nature as ours. Also prepare yourself psychologically for many soft resets (L + R + start / select). Bring enough Ball, a Pokémon capable of paralyze / fall asleep and one that has falsifinale / regard to bring the wild Pokémon's HP to 1 (Rocco's Beldum, properly bred, is a good choice).

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Latios / Latias

Depending on the version we have, catching Latios in Omega Ruby (OR) and Latias in Alpha Sapphire (AS) does not require any particular skills: one of the two will be given to us, at level 30, in the course of the story. The only precaution to keep in mind is to have a Ralts (or Abra) as the first Pokémon in the team, with the synchronism ability and the right nature (Shy for the most common movesets, but currently there is no studies on mega-evolved forms), before forwarding us with Rocco inside the Remote Island. We can then return to the island thanks to Aeon Ticket obtainable via Streetpass: for this it is necessary to activate the function both in Piazza Mii (program pre-installed in every console of the 3DS family) and within the game on the NaviTalk card of the MultiNav. To increase our chances, it will be advisable to go with the console on standby to shops where the Nintendo Zone is active or create one at home (HERE our guide).

Once we meet someone with the ticket (the notification will arrive on NaviTalk), we can collect it from any medical center (go out and back if you were in a PokéCenter at the time of the meeting): the usual gift assistant will deliver the ticket to us. , immediately giving us the first clue to trigger the event. At this point we have to go to the gym leader Norman, our father, in Petalipolis, who will take us directly to the island (as long as we have the mega bracelet). Again the Pokémon will be level 30.

This is the initial moveset of Latios / Latias: Psicotransfer, Ondasana, Dazzling / Foschisfera, Dragospiro.

Initial stats, Shy nature:

– Latios: 97/61/62/92/80/88 (6IV a 31), 94/58/59/89/77/84 (6IV to 22).

– Latias: 97/55/68/80/92/88 (6IV a 31), 94/53/65/77/89/84 (6IV to 22).

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Groudon / Kyogre

The couple formed by Groudon and Kyogre is typical of the Hoenn region (in reality, together with Rayquaza, they form a trio, the weather trio, ed) and we will be able to find the first only in Omega Ruby, the second exclusively in Alpha Sapphire. It will be possible to capture Groudon / Kyogre in the Cave of Times during the main story, so don't worry about setting up the capture team until you have access to this area. It should be borne in mind that Kyogre uses the Aquanello attack very often and that, for this reason, it is practically impossible for him to have only one HP when launching the Balls. After the paralysis, however, it is easier to handle Groudon's Rest attack.

Groudon / Kyogre is encountered at level 45 and has the following initial moveset: Bodygun / Flushing, Aqua / Rest, Ice Beam / Earthquake, Primopulsar / Telluric Swords.

We also report the statistics for a quick check of the Ivs immediately after capture (IVs at 31 and 22, the minimum you could aspire to for a decent Pokémon). The natures chosen are those commonly considered "right" (press Ctrl + F to search for the desired nature; to calculate the statistics with different natures, click HERE). By default, Legendary Pokémon have a minimum of 3 IVs to 31.

- Kyogre (AS), Lv45, 6IV to 31: 158/97/99 /168/144/99 (Natura Modesta); 158/97/99/153/144/108 (Timid Nature). Kyogre Lv45, 6IV to 22: 154/93/95 /163/ 140/95 (Modest Nature); 154/93/95/149/140/104 (Timid Nature)

- Groudon (OR), Lv45, 6IV to 31: 158 /168/144/97/99/99 (Natura Decisa); 158/153/144/97/99/108 (Natura Allegra) 22 IVs 154 /163/140/93/95/95 (Natura Decisa); 154/149/140/93/95/104 (Merry Nature).

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Rayquaza and Deoxys

After beating the league and seeing the credits scroll, the Delta episode will begin, which will lead us to the capture of Rayquaza (at level 70) and Deoxys (level 80). The first is mandatory and you cannot continue until he is on your team; for the other, however, we will have only one attempt to capture, unless we decide to KO him.

Update: Defeating Deoxys at the end of the Delta episode, without capturing him therefore, is the only way to be able to "softresett" and get this legendary with nature and IVs we like (thanks to Lorenzo Simoncini for the information). After defeating him the first time and beating the Fantastic Four again, Deoxys will reappear at the top of the Tower of Heaven.

These are the movesets and the initial stats (press Ctrl + F to search for the desired nature):

- Rayquaza: Flight, Extreme Speed, Dragopulsar, Dragodanza. Statistics to check before the mega evolution (at the start of the fight, click on Pokémon> Rayquaza> info)! 

Lv70, 6IV at 31: 248 /259/152/212/152/159 (Natura Decisa); 248/212/152/259/152/159 (Natura Modesta); 248/236/152/212/152/174 (Natura Allegra); 248/212/152/236/152/174 (Timid Nature). 

Lv70, 6IV at 22: 242 /253/146/207/146/153 (Natura Decisa) 242/207/146/253/146/153 (Natura Modesta) 242/230/146/207/146/168 (Natura Allegra) 242/207/146/230/146/168 (Timid Nature). 

- Deoxys: Cosmopower, Shooting, Psychic Launch, Hyper Beam.

Lv 80, 6IV to 31: 194 /295/ 109/242/109/269 (Nature Decisive) 194 /295/ 98/269/109/269 (Schiva Nature) 194 /295/109/269/98/269 (Natura Birbona) 194/242/109/295/ 109/269 (Modest Nature) 194/269/98 /295/ 109/269 (Natura Mite) 194/269/109 /295/98/269 (Natura Ardente) 194/269/109/242/109/295 (Natura Allegra) 194/242/109/269/109/295 (Natura Timida) 194/269/98/269/109/295 (Natura Lesta) 194/269/109/269/98/295 (Naive nature) 194/242 /119/ 269/109/269 (Nature Safe) 194/269 /119/242/109/269 (Natura Scaltra) 194/242/109/269/119/ 269 (Calm Nature) 194/269/109/242 /119/ 269 (cautious nature).

Lv 80, 6IV at 22: 187 /288/ 102/235/102/262 (Nature Decisive) 187 /288/91/262/102/262 (Natura Schiva) 187/288/102/262/91/262 (Natura Birbona) 187/235/102/288/102/262 (Natura Modesta) 187/262/91/288/102/262 (Natura Mite) 187/262/102/288/91/262 (Natura Ardente) 187/262/102/235/102/288 (Natura Allegra) 187/235/102/262/102/288 (Natura Timida) 187/262/91/262/102/288 (Natura Lesta) 187/262/102/262/91/288 (Naive nature) 187/235 /112/ 262/102/262 (Nature Safe) 187/262 /112/235/102/262 (Natura Scaltra) 187/235/102/262/112/ 262 (Calm Nature) 187/262/102/235 /112/ 262 (cautious nature).

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The first legendary to appear in the game following the upheaval caused by the awakening of Groudon / Kyogre, Heatran is not hard to find. It is in fact located on the top underground floor of the Solar grotto, a small cave that can be reached by surfing on route 120: we leave the east side of Forestopoli, towards Porto Alghepoli to reach the route; let's keep on the lower part going towards the right of the screen and go down the stairs (where there is the tall dark grass) to reach the nearby body of water. Here we activate Surf and continue south until we find the cave (it is close, you don't need to surf for long). The cave only requires HM Surf to make us reach the Pokémon we are interested in (optional the use of Flash and HM Force). Once we reach the last underground floor (we don't need to go far even in this case) we will be able to reach a room with a strange dimensional ring inside. When interacting with it, a Heatran a will appear level 50.

Initial Moveset: Crunch, Lavasbuffo, Ferrostridum, Scary Face. Note: Fire moves have no effect on Heatran.

Initial statistics (press Ctrl + F to search for the desired nature).

6IV to 31: 166/99/126/150 /138/ 97 (Calm Nature); 166/99/126 /165/126/97 (Natura Modesta); 166/99/126/150/126/106 (Timid Nature); 166/110/126 /165/ 126/87 (Quiet Nature).

6IV to 22: 162/95/122/146 /134/ 93 (Calm Nature); 162/95/122 /160/122/93 (Natura Modesta); 162/95/122/146/122/102 (Timid Nature); 162/106/122 /160/ 122/83 (Quiet Nature)

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Legendary Golems: the Regi

Regirock, Regice and Registeel, or the trio of Regi, are indispensable to capture the fourth Golem, Regigigas. As in the original games, capturing them will take time and solving many puzzles (if you want to solve them without our help, this image will still be indispensable: click HERE). But let's proceed in order.

We will have to first unlock locations in which the three Regi are found solving the enigma of the engraved room: to do this we need a Relicanth (it can be caught in the underwater grass), positioned as the first Pokémon of the team, and a Wailord (just evolve a Wailmer to level 40: you can catch almost anywhere with the Super Hook and is at a level between 30 and 40) in last position. We also need Pokémon that have learned the MN Surf and Sub moves, as well as Fossa (TM28: route 144, home of the fossil maniac). At this point, starting from Orocea, we surf westwards, towards Porto Selcepoli: we will cross paths 132, 133 and 134, characterized by strong sea currents. If we are at our first exploration, let's stop if the currents take us to the dry with the sign "Route 133"; in case we miss it, it will be enough to use Volo (or Ipervolo) to return to route 133 and find yourself in this sandy islet. Continue with Surf westwards to the shoal not far away and reach the southernmost point (where the last of the three NPCs present there is located): from here we continue Surfing until the currents drag us to the next islet. Now you need to be very careful not to have to start over: continue walking west to route 134, where the islet forms a kind of "C" with its inlets, and position yourself in the center of the "C", then use Surf. The current will take us, if we have not done anything wrong, in a small area with calm waters, in the center of which we can use Sub. Once in the depths of the sea, continue south until we find an engraved wall in front of which we can re-emerge (remember to read the engraving before climbing): well, here we are in the Engraved room!

Walking north we will come to a wall located between two columns, in front of which we must use Fossa: a door will open to a secret room. Continue to the north end of the room and, with the Pokémon arranged as mentioned at the beginning, read the engraved message to activate the event. In this way we will open the way to the residences of the three Regi.

Regirock It is in the route 111, in a cave located in the southernmost area of ​​the desert: once found, we enter (it was closed before) and read the engraved message, which tells us, in Braille, to move two steps to the right, two down and then use Strength. In this way the door leading to the first golem should appear.

Initial Moveset: Curse, Iron Shield, Forzantica, Battiterra.

Starting stats at Lv 40 (Safe Nature): 126/97/177/51 /106/ 57 (6IV to 31); 122/93/173/47 /102/ 53 (6IV to 22).

Registeel It is in the route 120, in a cave west of Porto Alghepoli (where there are berries and a young ninja). Once you have read the usual message inside, use Fly in the center of the room to bring up the door.

Starting Moveset: Curse, Iron Shield, Forzantica, Amnesia.

Starting stats at Lv 40:

- 6IV to 31: 126/77/137/69 /150/ 57 (cautious nature); 126/69/137/77 /150/ 57 (Calm Nature).

- 6IV to 22: 122/73/133/65 /146/53 (Natura Cauta); 122/65/133/73/146/ 53 (Calm Nature)

Regice It is in the route 105, in a cave in the western part of the aquatic route (between Petalipoli and Bluruvia; north west of the “route 105” sign). Once inside, we read the message and wait two minutes for the door to appear. In the meantime, let's not move the character for safety. Once captured it is essential to give this Golem a nickname, later we will understand why.

Starting Moveset: Curse, Battiterra, Forzantica, Amnesia.

Starting stats at Lv 40 (Calm Nature): 126/51/97/97 /194/ 57 (6IV to 31); 122/47/93/93 /190/ 53 (6IV to 22).

We just have to capture Regigigas to drop poker. First we have to put all three newly captured Regis in our party, including Regice with the appropriate nickname (any one is fine, you can always change it anyway). Then it is necessary to make Regice keep something cold; if we have nothing to give him, we can go (with the aforementioned Pokémon in the team) to the Cyclamen City residence, where a girl will allow us to buy a Conostropolis for 200 Pokémon dollars (alternatively Cold Rock is in the Wave Cave and Snowball is available for purchase for 32 PL at the Lotta Resort). Let's give it to Regice and then fly back to route 105, to reach the same cave where we took Regice: we run to the place where the ice king was and an earthquake will announce the arrival of Regigigas.

Important: It is necessary to go to the cave between 10 and 18, at least 24 hours after the capture of the first three Regi; the Regi must come from Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire. Changing the console time will prevent the legendary from appearing for 24 hours.

Initial Moveset: Foresight, Bodyguard, Zen Cozzata, Revenge.

Starting stats at Lv 50 (Nature Determined): 185 /198/ 130/90/130/120 (6IV to 31); 181 /193/126/86/126/116(6IV a 22).

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With Cresselia we also introduce the mirage zones, that is the islands that appear randomly every day while we use the Hyperfly. This beautiful Pokémon lives in one of these areas, but it is impossible to say exactly when its islet will appear south of Iridopoli (Island Arcodiluna): it will become visible in a completely random way when the mirage zones change (which happens every day). or by meeting someone, via Streetpass or Spotpass, who has already found it.

Cresselia appears at level 50 with the following moveset: Dawnbeam, Divination, Mist, Laceration.

Initial statistics (press Ctrl + F to search for the desired nature):

- 6IV to 31: 195/81/140 /104/ 150/105 (Modest Nature); 195/81 /154/95/150/105 (Natura Sicura); 195/81/140/95/150/115 (Timid Nature); 195/81/140/95 /165/ 105 (Calm Nature); 195/90/140/95 /165/ 94 (Lively Nature).

- 6IV to 22: 191/77/136 /100/ 146/101 (Modest Nature); 191/77 /149/91/146/101 (Natura Sicura); 191/77/136/91/146/111 (Timid Nature); 191/77/136/91 /160/ 101 (Calm Nature); 191/86/136/91 /160/ 90 (Lively Nature).

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Ho-oh and Lugia

Among the many legendaries of Pokémon Oras could certainly not miss Ho-Oh (exclusive to Omega Ruby) and Lugia (present only in Alpha Sapphire). To capture the one present in our version we must first have fought against Groudon / Kyogre. Once this is done we can then head towards Cycling (remember the Old Ruby / Sapphire / Emerald Ship?), halfway through Route 108, with at least one Pokémon in the team that knows Surf and Diver. Here, after talking to a scientist about an object called Scanner, we enter the wreck, head southwest and use Suft until we reach a deep point to use Sub. We continue to descend the submerged stairs to the last level of the area, where the control panel is located. At this point we have to start pressing the A key while swimming, since the Scanner we are looking for does not have a fixed location. As soon as we find him, however, let's go back to the surface and talk to the scientist again. We now fly to Porto Selcepoli and look for Captain Remo at the port. We deliver the scanner to receive the Clear Bell / Wave depending on our version of the game. Now we can go back to Ciclamare where the bell will start ringing. The Lugia or Ho-Oh portal will be located respectively in the lowest point (near where the Scanner was) and in the highest point of the area outside the wreck. Both Pokémon will be level 50.

Ho-oh (OR), initial moveset: Magifuoco, Fuocobomba, Giornodisole, Punishment.

Initial stats:

- 6IV to 31: 181 /165/ 110/117/174/110 (Nature Decisive); 181/150 /121/ 117/174/110 (Shrewd Nature).

- 6IV to 22: 177 /160/ 106/113/170/106 (Nature Decisive); 177/146 /116/ 113/170/106 (Shrewd Nature).

Lugia (AS), initial moveset: Hydro pump, Airstroke, Pioggiadanza, Punishment.

Initial stats:

- 6IV to 31: 181/99 /165/ 110/174/130 (Safe Nature); 181/110 /165/ 99/174/130 (Shrewd Nature).

- 6IV to 22: 177/95 /160/ 106/170/126 (Safe Nature); 177/106 /160/ 95/170/126 (Shrewd Nature).

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Legendary beasts

Entei, Raikou and Suicune certainly cannot be missing in our collection and, now that we have one between Lugia and Ho-Oh, we can finally reach the Virgin Forest where this fantastic trio is hiding. Let's remember to add Lugia / Ho-Oh to our team and use the Aeon flute to activate the Hypervolo. Let's head towards Ferrugipoli and, heading east, we should see a bright red dot, the classic sign of a mirage zone: it is the Virgin Forest we were looking for.

We go down and we will be able to meet you, within an hour, the three puppies of the electric, fire and water type:

Raikou, Lv. 50. Interacting with the “magic” ring in the first third of a full hour (when the hands are between 00 and 20 minutes; at 20.15 pm or 11.10 am, for example). Initial Moveset: Lightning, Spark, Reflection, Crunch.

Initial stats:

- 6IV to 31: 165/94/95/135/120 /148 (Timid Nature); 165/105/95 /148/ 108/135 (Burning Nature).

- 6IV to 22: 161/90/91/131/116 /144 (Timid Nature); 161/101/91 /144/ 104/131 (Burning Nature).

Entei, Lv. 50. Interacting with the “magic” ring in the second third of a full hour (when the hands are between 20 and 40 minutes; at 20.35 or 11, to give examples). Starting Moveset: Fire Fangs, Flamethrower, Bully, Stomp.

Initial stats:

- 6IV to 31: 190 /148/ 105/99/95/120 (Nature Decisive).

- 6IV to 22: 186 /144/ 101/95/91/116 (Nature Decisive).

Suicune, Lv. 50. Interacting with the “magic” ring in the last third of a full hour (when the hands are between 40 and 59 minutes; at 20.55pm or 11am, for example). Initial Moveset: Ice Fangs, Dawn Rays, Fog, Mirror Veil.

Initial stats:

- 6IV to 31: 175/85 /148/ 110/135/105 (Safe Nature); 175/85/135 /121/ 135/105 (Modest Nature).

- 6IV to 22: 171/81 /144/ 106/131/101 (Safe Nature); 171/81/131 /116/ 131/101 (Modest Nature).

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Guardians of the lakes

Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf are not difficult to locate on the Hoenn map: their home, the Unknown Cavern, is just offshore from Verdazzuropoli (westbound, north of Ceneride) and is easily accessible once you have obtained the Hyperfly. Provided, however, that we have three Pokémon in the team with the maximum happiness parameter (happiness = / = friendship). To meet all three this time we will have to enter the cave at different times of the day (day, sunset, night).

Mesprit, Lv. 50 (from 4 to 20). Initial Moveset: Divination, Charm, Extrasense, Fortuncanto.

Initial stats:

- 6IV to 31: 155/112/125/125/125 /110 (Timid Nature).

- 6IV to 22: 151/108/121/121/121 /105 (Timid Nature).

Uxie, Lv. 50 (from 20pm to 21pm). Initial Moveset: Divination, Amnesia, Extrasense, Yawn.

Initial stats:

- 6IV to 31: 150/95 /165/95/150/103 (Natura Placida), 150/85/150/95/150/126 (Shy Nature), 150/85 /165/95/150/115 (Natura Sicura), 150/95/165/ 85/150/115 (Shrewd Nature).

- 6IV to 22: 146/91 /160/91/146/99 (Natura Placida), 146/81/146/91/146/122 (Shy Nature), 146/81 /160/ 91/146/111 (Safe Nature), 146/91 /160/ 81/146/111 (Shrewd Nature).

Aself, Lv. 50 (from 21 to 4). Initial Moveset: Divination, Conspiracy, Extrasense, Baraonda.

Initial stats:

- 6IV to 31: 150/145/90/130/90 /148 (Natura Allegra), 150/130/90/145/90/148 (Natura Timida), 150/145/90/145/81/148 (Natura Ingenua), 150/145/81/145/90/148 (Fast Nature).

- 6IV to 22: 146/141/86/126/86 /144 (Natura Allegra), 146/126/86/141/86/144 (Natura Timida), 146/141/86/141/77/144 (Natura Ingenua), 146/141/77/141/86/144 (Fast Nature).

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Legendary dragons

Time (Dialga), Space (Palkia) and Antimatter (Giratina): together they represent the dragon trio, the legendary creators of the Pokémon universe, who we will be able to meet in Hoenn after adding all three lake guardians (Mesprit , Uxie and Azelf) to our team.

How to proceed? With the Guardians in our team let's use Hyperfly and head towards Bluruvia. South of the city we will immediately notice a black gash in the sky, which we will have to approach to fly into another dimension. Here we will meet Palkia if we are playing Omega Ruby or Dialga if we have Alpha Sapphire instead. Finally, to meet Giratina, the location will be the same, but we will have to have both Dialga and Palkia in the team (it is therefore necessary to obtain the legendary dragon that we are missing through exchange). All three will appear at level 50.

Palkia (OR), initial moveset: Forzasfera, Geoforza, Idropompa, Fendispazio.

Initial stats:

- 6IV to 31: 165/126/120/170/140 /132 (Shy Nature), 165/126/120/170 /154/ 120 (Calm Nature).

- 6IV to 22: 161/122/116/166/136 /127 (Shy Nature), 161/122/116/166 /149/ 116 (Calm Nature).

Dialga (AS), initial moveset: Force Force, Cannonflash, Steel Tail, Roar of Time.

Initial stats:

- 6IV to 31: 175/126/140 /187/ 120/110 (Modest Nature), 175/126/140/170 /132/ 110 (Calm Nature).

- 6IV to 22: 171/122/136 /182/ 116/106 (Modest Nature), 171/122/136/166 /127/ 106 (Calm Nature).

Giratina (altered form), initial moveset: Forzasfera, Ombrartigli, Misfortune, Oscurotuffo.

Initial stats:

- 6IV to 31: 225/120/140/108 /154/ 110 (Nature Cauta), 225/120 /154/ 108/140/110 (Shrewd Nature).

- 6IV to 22: 221/116/136/104 /149/ 106 (Nature Cauta), 221/116 /149/ 104/136/106 (Shrewd Nature).

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Solemn swordsmen

To reach the Nameless Plain, where the three Solemn Swordsmen, Cobalion, Terrakion and Virizion reside, you need to have three perfect Pokémon in your team (EVs maximum: can be checked in the Virtual Super Training tab of the Multi Nav) while you are using the Ipervolo (it is located south of Orocea). It is necessary to go there on 3 separate days of the week to meet all three Pokémon (it is recommended to avoid starting on Wednesday or Friday if you want to optimize the time). Swordsmen will all appear at level 50.

Cobalion (Sunday, Wednesday, Friday), initial moveset: Spadasolenne, Nemesi, Danzaspada, Metaltestata.

Initial stats:

- 6IV to 31: 166/99/149/110/92 /140 (Natura Timida), 166/110/149/99/92/140 (Natura Allegra), 166/110/149/110/82/140 (Naive nature).

- 6IV to 22: 162/95/145/106/88 /136 (Natura Timida), 162/106/145/95/88/136 (Natura Allegra), 162/106/145/106/79/136 (Naive nature).

Terracion (Tuesday and Saturday), initial moveset: Spadasolenne, Nemesi, Danzaspada, Frana.

Initial stats:

- 6IV to 31: 166/149/110/82/110 /140 (Natura Allegra), 166/149/110/92/99/140 (Naive nature).

- 6IV to 22: 162/145/106/79/106 /136 (Natura Allegra), 162/145/106/88/95/136 (Naive nature).

Virizion (Monday and Thursday), initial moveset: Spadasolenne, Nemesi, Danzaspada, Gigabsorption.

Initial stats:

- 6IV to 31: 166/99/92/110/149 /140 (Natura Timida), 166/110/92/99/149/140 (Merry Nature).

- 6IV to 22: 162/95/88/106/145 /136 (Natura Timida), 162/106/88/95/145/136 (Merry Nature).

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Trio of Kami

Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus form a trio inspired by Japanese gods: Fujin, the god of wind, Raijin, the god of thunder and lightning, and Inari, the god of fertility. Unfortunately, as with the legendary Dragons, it is impossible to obtain more than one without exchanges: Tornadus is in fact exclusive to Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire Thundurus, while Landorus requires to have the other two in the team in order to be met. Their location is a cloud that forms above Forestopoli the moment we team up a Castform (it will be given to us throughout history), reachable via Ipervolo.

Tornadus (OR), Lv. 50, initial moveset: Eterelama, Extrasenso, Crunch, Agility.

Initial stats:

6IV a 31: 154/135/90/130/100/144 (Natura Allegra), 154/121/90/145/100/144 (Natura Timida), 154/135/90/145/90/144 (Naive nature).

6IV a 22: 150/131/86/126/96/139 (Natura Allegra), 150/117/86/141/96/139 (Natura Timida), 150/131/86/141/86/139 (Naive nature).

Thundurus (AS), Lv. 50, initial moveset: Download, Anticura, Crunch, Agility.

Initial stats:

6IV to 31: 154/121/90 /159/100/131 (Natura Modesta), 154/135/90/145/90/144 (Natura Ingenua), 154/121/90/145/100/144 (Timid Nature).

6IV to 22: 150/117/86 /155/96/127 (Natura Modesta), 150/131/86/141/86/139 (Natura Ingenua), 150/117/86/141/96/139 (Timid Nature).

Landorus, Lv. 50, initial moveset: Geoforza, Extrasenso, Landslide, Sword Dance.

Initial stats:

6IV a 31: 164/130/110/135/100/133 (Timid Nature), 164/130/110 /148/ 100/121 (Modest Nature), 164/145/110 /148/90/121 (Natura Ardente), 164/145/110/135/90/133 (Naive nature).

6IV a 22: 160/126/106/131/96/128 (Timid Nature), 160/126/106 /144/ 96/117 (Modest Nature), 160/141/106 /144/86/117 (Natura Ardente), 160/141/106/131/86/128 (Naive nature).

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Trio Tao

Reshiram and Zekrom can also only be captured in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, respectively. And to meet Kyurem we need, again, both legendaries to be part of our team. Reshiram / Zekrom can be captured on the named island Elusive cave, a mirage zone that will appear near Cyclamen City and Selcepolis Harbor when we use Hyperfly with a Pokémon in a level 100. Kyurem, on the other hand, can be found on the island behind Mount Camino, the Shapeless pit, which will appear, as mentioned, when we have both Reshiram and Zekrom in our team. In the same area, using the Tool Finder, it will also be possible to find the DNA Wedge.

Reshiram (OR), Lv 50, initial moveset: Incrofiamma, Dragospiro, Extrasenso, Slash.

Initial stats:

6IV a 31: 175/140/120/170/126/121 (Naive Nature), 175/140/120 /187/126/110 (Natura Ardente), 175/126/120/170/140/121 (Timid Nature), 175/126/120 /187/ 140/110 (Modest Nature).

6IV a 22: 171/136/116/166/122/116 (Naive Nature), 171/136/116 /182/122/106 (Natura Ardente), 171/122/116/166/136/116 (Timid Nature), 171/122/116 /182/ 136/106 (Modest Nature).

Zekrom (AS), Lv. 50, initial moveset: Incrotuono, Dragospiro, Cozzata Zen, Lacerazione.

Initial stats:

6IV at 31: 175 /187/ 126/140/120/110 (Natura Schiva), 175 /187/ 140/140/108/110 (Birbona Nature).

6IV at 22: 171 /182/ 122/136/116/106 (Natura Schiva), 171 /182/ 136/136/104/106 (Birbona Nature).

Kyurem, Lv. 50, initial moveset: Gelamondo, Dragospiro, Scary Face, Lacerazione.

Initial stats:

6IV a 31: 200/150/99/150/110/126 (Natura Lesta), 200/150/99 /165/110/115 (Natura Mite), 200/135/110/150/110/126 (Timid Nature), 200/135/110 /165/ 110/115 (Modest Nature), 200 /165/110/135/110/115 (Natura Decisa), 200/150/110/150/99/126 (Natura Ingenua), 200/165/110/150/99/115 (Natura Birbona), 200 /165/99/150/110/115 (Natura Schiva), 200/150/110/165/ 99/115 (Burning Nature).

6IV a 22: 196/146/95/146/106/122 (Natura Lesta), 196/146/95 /160/106/111 (Natura Mite), 196/131/106/146/106/122 (Timid Nature), 196/131/106 /160/ 106/111 (Modest Nature), 196 /160/106/131/106/111 (Natura Decisa), 196/146/106/146/95/122 (Naive Nature), 196 /160/ 106/146/95/111 (Natura Birbona), 196 /160/95/146/106/111 (Natura Schiva), 196/146/106/160/ 95/111 (Burning Nature).

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