Luigi's Mansion 3 - Guide: how to find all the gems of floors B2 and B1

Luigi on the hunt for collectibles!

The guide includes all the locations of the gems present in Luigi's Mansion 3, for each floor. Please note that some of these gems cannot be recovered on the first visit to the floor. Once you have all of them you will receive something that we will reveal to you at the end.

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List of gems

In Luigi's Mansion 3 there are a number of collectible items that players can collect as they make their way through the hotel. These collectibles take the form of gems. Each floor contains a certain number of gems. To help you collect these gems, we are putting together guides for each floor.

To get started, check out our guide to the locations of all gems on floors B2 and B1 for Luigi's Mansion 3.


  • B2 - Boiler gem positions
  • B1 - Basement gem locations
  • 1F - Main hall gem locations
  • 2F - Mezzanine gem locations
  • 3F - Location gems of the hotel's shops
  • 4F - The Great Stage gem locations
  • 5F - RIP Suites gem locations
  • 6F - MacFright Castle gem locations
  • 7F - Garden Suites gems locations
  • 8F - Gems locations Paranormal Productions
  • 9F - Gem locations of the Museum of Unnatural History
  • 10F - Tomb Suites gem locations
  • 11F - Twisted Suites gem locations
  • 12F - Spectral capture gem locations
  • 13F - Fitness center gem locations
  • 14F - Ballroom Gem locations
  • 15F - Master Suite gem locations

Boiler gem positions (B2)

Below B1 is another basement called B2 (boiler room). As the name of this area suggests, this basement houses the mechanical systems of Last Resort. Here are six gems to collect.

Yellow Gem Location: Elevator Hall

In the elevator room there is a locked door. To unlock this door you need to grab the key on the ledge. To do this, vacuum the tapestry covering the central tube and send Gommiluigi. Grab the key and then continue left to collect the Yellow Gem.

Location of the red gem: closet

In the tank there is a door in the left corner of the room that leads to a storage room. Inside the warehouse there are a number of items on the wall and on the floor. Vacuum the items and then use the plunger on the bucket. Moving the bucket will reveal a tube. Send Gommiluigi through the pipe, then move the box near the chest to reveal another pipe. Go through that pipe and have Luigi turn the valve to turn off the water. Go left to grab the red gem.

Location of the blue gem: observation room

In the lower left corner of the observation room there is a pressure cooker which can be revealed with the dark light. Do this, then flip the switch under the coffee maker. Thanks to the pressure the Blue Gem will exit the console.

Purple gem location: sewer C

After draining the water, return to the sewer room C. On the lower level of the room there is a closed pipe under the orange ball. Use your plunger on the lock and then switch to Gommiluigi to enter the tube. You will arrive inside a submarine. Take the fire source and light the burner under the pot to get the purple gem.

Green gem location: sewer B

With the water drained, head to the lower right corner of sewer B. Use Gommiluigi and have him go to the elevator while Luigi has to throw the ball nearby. This action will lift Gommiluigi to the green gem.

White Gem Location: Ghost in Old Reservoir

Note: you must reach floor 12 before you can access this ghost.

When you reach the 12th floor of the hotel you will be asked to save Toad in the boiler room. To do this you will have to venture through the old tank. In the old tank in the upper left corner there is a wall with some paint cans near it. Collect them and shoot the paint cans at the wall to reveal a ghost. Defeat the ghost to get the white gem.

Basement gem locations (B1)

White Gem Location: Underground Garage

Go to the garage. Vacuum the paper from the truck to reveal a flashing green light. Illuminate the flashing green light with your Strobobulb to open the trunk and collect the gem inside.

Location of the purple gem: corridor

Go to the service corridor. You will notice the gem painting on the wall. Direct the light on it so that the purple gem comes out of the painting. Enter the garage and you will meet the first boss.

Green gem location: laundry

Go to the laundry. In front of the central washing machine. You will notice that the gem tumbles. Shoot the door of the washing machine with the suction shot (using the Y button). Aspirate the rope until the circle is full, then press A. This will open the door and reveal the gem.

Red gem location: Underground garage

Go to the garage. Move to the far left and go up the steps.

Activate Gommiluigi by double clicking on the right stick and passing him through the cage.

With Gommiluigi, use the suction stroke to open the control unit.

After removing the panel from the box, use the Strobobulb to flash the green light. Electricity will power the car and release a red gem.

Blue gem location: elevator shaft

Go into the garage, then to the right side of the garage, past the car, to the vent in the wall. Hit it with the sucker blow to open it.

Enter it and go up the ladder.

Activate Gommiluigi and have him move to the rear left, so that he can drop the grates to the floor.

Collect the blue gem.

Yellow Gem Location: Service Stairwell

Exit the garage and go right, past the elevator and through the door to reach the service elevator. From there, go up the stairs.

Once at the top, activate Gommiluigi and place him on the back, above the grid so that Gommiluigi can drop and get the final gem.

Once you have collected all the gems on floor B1, you will unlock the “Collect All Basement Gems” achievement. This achievement counts towards the overall completion of Luigi's Mansion 3.

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