Pokemon Let's Go how to find Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle

Fantastic animals and where to find them

Pokemon Let's Go Eevee / Pikachu will not let you choose your initial monster, a choice that you will only make when purchasing the game.

In fact, based on your version, you will take a different approach to the magical way of Pokemon, a bit like what happened on the historic yellow edition for GameBoy. So your starters will be the electric mouse Pikachu or the Pokemon of a thousand evolutions Eevee.

Never say never…

If you love the dragon with the fire tail (like myself), the blue turtle or the little dinosaur you see better known as Bulbasaur, do not despair, you can get them during your adventure in the lands of Kanto.

How to get them?

There are two ways to get these Pokemon, the first is to catch them while wandering the length and breadth of the game map, spawning is not even that common.

The other way is much simpler, some NPCs you will meet during the game will ask you to take care of each of these Pokemon, the only condition is that you have caught a certain number of Pokemon.


Let's start with Pokemon # 1, to get this Grass-type monster, you will have to go to Celestopoli (near the Pokemon Center) where you will meet an NPC who will ask you to take care of him.

To add this Pokemon to your team, you just need to have caught 30 Pokemon (30 Rattata are fine too).

If, on the other hand, you want to experience the "thrill" of catching you can look for it at the Emerald Woods, we recommend using some bait, it will surely help you in the green dinosaur spawn.


If you want to get to Charizard, you will need Pokemon number 004, the little fire-tailed dragon: Charmander.

To have this beloved Pokemon in your ranks, you'll need to get to Route 24 (the story will take you to those places to search for Bill, the Pokemon fanatic).

As you advance you will notice a character with a Charmander at his side, talk to him, he will tell you that being a landslide as a trainer, he would like to entrust it to a good person, it will be enough that you have captured at least 50 Pokemon (also here the same speech for Bulbasaur, duplicates are also good ).

Finding it in nature will not be easy at all, we advise you to try routes 3 and 4, the undersigned has found one in those areas.


Let's talk about the iconic blue turtle, the last Pokemon of this little guide. You will meet him during your wanderings in the lands of Kanto, in Aranciopoli the Agent Jenny (one of the thousand loves of Brock) you will discover that the policewoman is in possession of the Pokemon.

The woman, however, will only entrust it to those who can keep him out of trouble, to convince her she will ask you if you have caught at least 60 Pokemon (duplicates included). This little monster is also catchable in nature, if you want to try to find it, look for the Routes 24 and 25, or try to the Spumarine Islands.

Three Pokemon to rule them ...

Quoting the historical phrase of the Lord of the Rings, we remind you that owning various types of Pokemon, we remind you that owning a team with Pokemon of different types, will help you in the battles to come.

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