Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Money Trees Guide

A bright dot in the ground, a nice sack of stars and a golden pit - here's the recipe for easy money.

While playing the recent Animal Crossing: New Horizons you will surely have come across one bright dot in the ground. In fact, every day one appears and digging there you will find a bag containing it 1000 stars. An inexperienced player could pocket the money and fill the hole. It would be a serious mistake, because in that special, golden ditch, it is possible to bury stars to grow a money tree, tripling your earnings.

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The first thing to know about this special type of plant is that they give "fruits" only once. When you collect the bags of stars from the branches of these trees, you can uproot them and sell them, because they will no longer bear fruit.

How money trees work is pretty straightforward, actually. Once you find the bright spot on the island, dig and then planted 10.000 bells at that point. To do this, just open your inventory, move the cursor over the money in your wallet and extract a lot with 10.000 stars. At that point you can select it and bury it, holding the shovel in his hand.

The advice is to bury 10.000 stars, as the money tree he will give you back three times the buried money after three days. Clearly, planting less means earning less when the fruit comes.

The legend of the 300.000 star trees

What you are wondering is why not bury a nice bag of 99.000 stars, at this point. The answer is simple: there is a high probability that you still get 30.000 bells, when you see the money tree bearing fruit. We still don't know for sure what the exact probability is, but although many people have reported having planted 99.000 e got nearly 300.000 bells a few days later, it is certain instead that in more than half of the cases, only 30.000 are obtained, effectively losing 69.000 stars.

In short, planting more than 10.000 is a risk. If you are lucky, you will get a huge return on money. Otherwise you will have lost a nice nest egg. We too have planted various money trees, in some cases achieving this enormous economic return, but we have also lost large sums of money. We're trying to find out what percentage the 300.000-star money trees pay off, to figure out exactly whether the risk is worth taking. However, we currently do not have precise data, so we advise you to plant exactly 10.000 bells and be on the safe side.

The trick of time travel

At the end of this guide we also point out the possibility of getting rich using a small cheat. You can actually plant a tree with 30.000 stars, carry forward the date of the console two years and immediately get the much coveted 90.000.

It is also possible to plant 99.000 and immediately obtain 297.000 by traveling forward in the time of well 60 years. The important is do not use the same date twice. Use this trick at your own risk and remember that Animal Crossing is a game based on the passage of time.

As a small note in closing remember that you can move the money trees exactly like all the others on the island. If they have not yet grown, just dig under the tree to uproot it and plant it elsewhere. Alternatively you can eat a fruit to do the same operation, if the plant has already fully grown. In that case, however, replanting the tree will not make much sense, as it will no longer bear fruit.


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