Pokemon Sword and Shield, guide to creating a Team

After many ups and downs have you managed to understand how to breed a Pokemon suitable for the competitive but you don't know how to combine them and send them on the field? No problem, we will help you!

For a few months now Pokemon Sword and Shield they have taken place on our shelves and in our bookcases. Among those who preferred Zacian and who preferred Zamazenta in the end the goal is common: to make their monsters fight to have the supremacy and the title of best coach. Or at least get to the grade Master Ball. If you've gotten over the hurdle of breeding a competitive Pokemon and now don't know how to put some of them together, no problem - we're here to help!

To get to the heart of the problem, which concerns which monsters to put together, unfortunately, I have to give you an injection of concepts, to make sure you understand who the actors are on the battlefield. The main competitive Pokemon are distinguished in the following categories:

  • setter. They are the ones who create conditions on the pitch. In turn they are divided into Trick Room Setter referred to who places the Distorted areaWeather Setter for those who place certain atmospheric conditions, Field Setter for those who place certain playing fields, Wall Setter for those who place the barriers through Reflection, Light screen o Velaurora;
  • Redirector. They are usually Pokemon that are able to attract or convey opposing Pokemon to use certain moves or to hit certain Pokemon with moves such as I'm here e Provocation;
  • Abuser. They are the Pokemon that usually benefit from the field conditions and / or the weather. Usually, along with the term Abuser in combination they are defined Sweeper;
  • Sweeper. They are Pokemon with a high offensive propensity and speed of execution. If they are attack oriented they are defined Physical Sweeper. Otherwise, if they are oriented to special attack they are defined Special Sweeper;
  • bulky. They are Pokemon with a high defensive propensity, which maybe enjoy a Support to increase their stats or use their own moves such as Iron ShieldRoll up or others of this caliber to improve their defensive values;
  • Support. They are Pokemon that usually create favorable conditions for their companions by using moves that vary the statistics of their team such as VentoincodaAltruism and others;
  • Annoyer/Staller. They are Pokemon that have the goal of causing problems to the opponent and / or freezing the game for certain turns. The use of moves like FuocofatuoThunder waveToxinHypnosis Yawn they are certainly part of the former, as is the use of stat-altering moves such as Urlorabbia, Lunar Force, False Tears and others, while the use of moves such as ProtectionBarrageFortinoBarbed Shield Royal Shield and others that serve to freeze the meeting for the second case;
  • Fakeouter. They are Pokemon that enter the field with the sole purpose of using At close range and give as much trouble as possible. Usually this category is part of other categories put together. For example, Grimmsnarl in just one moveset it can be FakeouterAnnoyerStaller Wall Setter;
  • Entry Hazard. They are Pokemon that set traps for opponents through moves such as Rock LevittipsFeelings Viscous Network. Little used in this current competition.
  • Prankster. They are Pokemon that have the ability Mockery, which allows them to gain priority on status moves, which will hit first regardless of the order of speed of the Pokemon in the field. This order will be taken into consideration only in the event that more Prankster used state moves in the same turn. Also note that Pokemon of type Dark are immune to the effects of Mockery. Therefore, hit for example a Tyranitar us False Tears by a Whimsicott and then hit hard with a Togekiss us Forzasfera will cause the first to take a miss (failed hit) and the second not to do so much damage to knock him out, and consequently receive a terrifying revenge kill.

I guess you're going to feel dazed by now, hit by so many terms you didn't expect to find. Don't worry, I'll give you a practical example explaining how I built my team, step by step.

Story of a team building

The one in the picture is my team, which I use to play online tournaments and various events. The rental code is 0000 0000 5TMY HK, to be entered in XVSBattle Stadium, Hire teamsOrganize hire teams, select an empty slot and enter the code. After leaving you the code to try it, I'll explain how I built my team!

The beginning

When I had to build my team, I thought I had a viable speed control alternative that didn't fall on a Whimsicott Braviary us Ventoincoda or directly on a Dragapult which is the fastest Pokemon of the current competitive. Finding a bit on the net and choosing between the various options, I decided to build a team with the main core based on the Distorted area.

Although the main setter lately be it Dusclops, the same was for me too defensive and too "dead weight" once he had done his job. Therefore, I opted for a "faster" but more powerful special attack The hats. The same, in fact, first places the distorted world, then has the possibility of inflicting massive damage thanks to its three offensive moves.

Not only; Magibrillio, since it is an area attack that hits all opponents, overcomes and renders the various ones useless I'm here with which I have often clashed. Finally, but not trivial, the ability Magispecchio it allows me to bounce the various status problems, making the Pokemon weak only to Provocation and At close range. In fact, thanks to the Focalnastro, the risk of being subjected to moves that immediately KO him are reduced to Sand stormHailstorm or double choice of opponents.

Having solved this dilemma, I immediately thought about the next one: how to render The hats immune to At close range? Testing various options, my choice ultimately fell on Obstagoon, a highly underrated Pokemon in this competition. Thanks to his skill Dentistretti, has the attack multiplied x1,5 under negative status conditions, and at the end of the first turn it burns itself with the Flame atmosphere. Not only; thanks to the ability does not suffer the halving of the attack due to the burn.

The motion Facade allows it to double its base power if the Pokemon is afflicted with a status problem, and - thanks to STAB (type bonus, if a Pokemon uses a move of its own type the base power is multiplied x1,5) - from a starting 70 he manages to reach 315 of brute force only (70 base * 2 of status problem * 1,5 STAB * 1,5 skill). The motion Deprivation allows you to double the power if the hit Pokemon holds a tool and throws it away. Very strong move (which also enjoys STAB) against Pokemon that have berries or have items that increase their conditions such as Assault Vest o Vulneropolises.

Finally, the move Barrage is a Protection which decreases the opponent's defense by 2 points if he uses a contact move e Advance protects both Pokemon from a high priority attack, which indeed it is At close range.

The main actors

Once I identified my team protagonists, I needed Pokemon that would allow me to make a maximum of five rounds of Distorted area. My choice could only fall on Torkoal Special Sweeper as lethal as it is slow - and, instead of Rhyperior with the Vulneropolises that is too present online, Mudsdale with the Assault Vest.

The first has a move Protection to stall some shifts that could become critical, one Ondacalda to hit both Pokemon in the field and try to burn them to reduce their attacks (30% chance), a 'Eruption to deal as much damage as possible until the Pokemon is two thirds of life (at which point it is as strong as Ondacalda) is Solar beam to hit its main weakness: type Pokemon AcquaLandRock. Also, thanks to the damage calculator, a Solar beam di Torkoal is able to instantly KO his main threat: Rhyperior. Thanks to his skill Drought, the moves of Fire are increased by x1,5, in addition to his STAB, and will increase by an additional x1,2 due to his instrument, Charcoal. Furthermore, Solar beam it does not require a charge shift before it can be performed.

The second, on the other hand, is much more defensive than the first. Thanks to his skill Endurance, each move he takes increases his defense by one level, for a maximum of six points, which would mean a 400% increase over the base value. The Assault Vest increases the special defense x1,5, making up for the only flaw of this extraordinary Pokemon. For the moves I opted for a STAB Equine Strength, as I would have no way to protect myself from a Earthquake, For a Frana, able to shoot the only weakness of this team, the lead Whimsicott/Charizard, and finally the two 90 shots.

Weight pump it inflicts decreasing damage the more the difference in weight between the Pokemon involved is minimal. Since from Pokedex Mudsdale weighs 935 kg, few opponents are able to not suffer the full 120 base power of the move. Furthermore, the Kobold Pokemon, the main victims of this move, are all light, making the question superfluous. Body crushinstead, it considers the defense value instead of the attack value for the damage calculation. Just think what damage it can do thanks to the bonus Endurance!

Against alternatives

Once I had established what the main mechanism of the team was, I just needed to decide how to manage my team in case I could work around the Distorted area. Since the choice had to fall on a Pokemon with Chlorophyll, since the Drought from Torkoal guaranteed me speed control, I had to make a decision. Leafeon Venusaur? Since we are talking about two fragile Pokemon and since the Focalnastro had already been assigned, I leaned towards the fastest and most powerful Pokemon in Attack.

Leafeon, in fact, it is my choice of Dynamax in case you don't have to take me Charizard. It manages to cover most of the Pokemon present in the competitive thanks to Dynaflora - which also allows you to place a Grassy Cambo and multiply the moves x1,5 Erbaas well as reduce the power of those Land -, thanks to Dynasisma - which increases the team's special defense by one point - and thanks to Dynametallo - which increases the team's defense by one point.

When not Dynamaxsylveon can benefit from the power of Leaf cutter, which also helps him generate a critical hit, with x1,5 power, and increase attack thanks to Sword dance. To be fair, it has a moveset designed specifically to be Dynamax, since pitSteel tail they are too risky moves for the competitive, the first for the loss of a turn and the second for the lack of precision.

Finally, the last choice fell on one Special Sweeper, a Charizard Gigamax. I thought about his moveset for a long time, and in the end I opted for a classic departure, consisting of OndacaldaSolar beam Heteralama. You already know the first one thanks to the description of Torkoal, I do not add anything else, as well as for the second. The third, on the other hand, enjoys STAB and has a 10% chance of making the opponent flinch by making him lose a turn. In the end, for the fourth move I opted for Dragopulsar, as I didn't want to rely solely on Hatterenee to handle type Pokemon Dragon.

In shape Gigamax, the lizard can rely on his staff Gigavampa, which allows me to deal one-sixth damage per turn for four turns to all non-type opposing Pokemon FireDynajet, then, it allows me to increase the speed of my team with every move, giving me that speed control that might be missing in case someone stops the Drought di Torkoal,  Dynadragon allows me to reduce the attack of opposing Pokemon by one point.

IV and PA, how to distribute them

Once I have explained how I chose the team members, I review how I chose to distribute the IVs and APs of my Pokemon. I'm starting from an assumption: an attacking Pokemon needs a maximum of 5 perfect IVs. Why 5, you may be wondering. Well, the answer is very simple. Since if I use a physically strong Pokemon, I don't need the Special Attack stat to be pumped to the max, as I will never use it. Also, for special Pokemon, the Attack stat must always have 0IV. Why? Because it is used a lot online Sableye us Spite, a move that calculates damage based on the attacked Pokemon's Attack value, and not using its own. Therefore, if the special Pokemon should not be used below Distorted area, it gives itself a nature that decreases Attack and it has 0IV.

With this important introductory hat done, I'll explain exactly what I chose for my Pokemon below:

  • Torkoal. Because this cute volcanic turtle has a very low Speed ‚Äč‚Äčstat and because I use it in the warped world, it's a 4IV Star Pokemon. The 0IVs, easily understood, are assigned to Speed, to which I have also given a negative nature, and Attack. The increase in AP also follows this choice, as 4 were given to the Salute Points, to increase the HP from 145 to 146, 252 to the Special Attack, with an increase from 85 base + 20 of IV + 10 of a positive nature + 35 AP for a total of 150, and 252 in the Special Defense, to bring it from 70 base to 122 total. For the normal Defense, on the other hand, the base value of 160 is already excellent, so I preferred not to use any additional points;
  • Leafeon. Unlike the first, this evolution is very strong in attack but it sins a lot in Special Defense. Since I imagined it as a Glass Cannon - that is, a lot of damage but very little resistance - I decreased its Special Attack in favor of the Attack, to which, with IV and AP at 252, it reached a value of 178. Then, the I increased the Special Defense by one point to 86 to withstand some ineffective special moves. Finally, I increased the Speed ‚Äč‚Äčby a further 252PA to 147, in order to fully enjoy the favorable condition of Chlorophyll;
  • The hats. As for Torkoal, even to this nice little witch I have removed the IV of Speed, which also takes the penalty of nature, and of Attack. On the contrary, I have increased the Special Attack to the maximum while also granting him the bonus of nature, bringing him to a total of 206 points. Also, given the low stamina, I preferred to bring the Health Points to 252PA as well, since it is true that it has the Focalnastro, but I prefer it to withstand a few extra hits as well as OHKOs. Finally, the last point I gave to the Special Defense, for the same reason as Leafeon on;
  • Mudsdale. At my team's tank I could only maximize Health Points. In fact, between IV and PA, these bring the statistic from an initial 100 to a final 207! Not only that, since I had already fixed the Special Defense with the 50% increase due to the Assault Vest, I preferred to maximize the Attack value, which also has a positive nature. From an initial 125, this stat goes to a final 194. Finally, the last 4PA and consequent increase of one point I gave to Defense, as the increase due to Endurance allows this Pokemon to become a living fortress. Statistic decreased, of course, the speed with also 0IV;
  • Charizard. He too, like all my special Pokemon, enjoys a negative nature and 0IV in the Attack stat. On the contrary, I maximized and gave the Speed ‚Äč‚Äča positive nature to make the lizard as fast as possible. From an initial 100, in fact, we arrive at a basic 167. Additionally, the second maximized stat is Special Attack, to make the hits dealt even more devastating. From an initial 109, therefore, we arrive at a final 161. The last 4PA, finally, to the Special Defense, for the same reasons as the Pokemon above;
  • Obstagoon. You can imagine that - to make him go hand in hand with his Skill Dentistretti - the first maximized stat is Attack. Thanks to this increase, he goes from an initial 90 to a final 142, which - from the second round - will enjoy a further increase of 50%. Therefore, the actual final value will be 213. A bull, basically. The second increased statistic, with a positive nature, is Speed, which reaches a finish of 161 after the starting 95. The last 4PAs at Health Points, 169 in total. In this Pokemon, the decreased stat is the Special Attack.

Last tricks

As you may have noticed, I have opted for a strongly offensive and fast-paced team, be it under the distorted world or be in nature. Defensively strong Pokemon I only have two, but when they come into play they do their very dirty job.

Obviously there is no written law that this is the perfect team, far from it; some even stronger competitive player would have doubts about it, just as another would just applaud. My advice therefore is to be balanced. Pokemon is no longer "Oh, look, I have Earthquake and now I break everything". Pair fast Pokemon with defensive Pokemon, supporterFakeouter/Staller/Redirector, since - in this competitive as never before - it is also essential to know how to alter the statistics of both your team and the opposing team. Don't forget that some builds go hand in hand with hitting your Pokemon to increase a stat. If you see a Inteleon hit a Coalossal us Aqua Jetfor example, consider yourself defeated. And there are many examples.

Therefore, have fun, learn wrong and - if you need to - Soultricks is here ready to help you build a highly competitive team to have fun with friends or - why not - become the new one World Champion!

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