Pokemon Sword and Shield, Sobble and its evolutionary line

In Pokemon Sword and Shield the starters are really inviting and - like any self-respecting Pokemon game - it's always difficult to have to choose.

In Pokemon Sword and Shield the third starting Pokemon is Sobble, a shy bluish chameleon that becomes invisible when bathed like water. Like any creature of that type, he is weak to electro and grass, while being super effective against rock, earth, and fire types.

At level 16, Sobble evolves into Straighten them, a chameleon in an upright position with a look and an expression finally proud of its pre-evolution. He too remains a water-type Pokemon. Finally, at level 35 it evolves into Inteleon, a giant lizard with a thin line. Like all other Pokemon of its kind, too Inteleon remains water type.

The passive ability of Sobble it's Aqua Aid, which boosts water moves by 50% (excluding STAB) when the Pokemon has a third or fewer health points than its total. Example: if Straighten them has 60 HP, the ability activates from 20 HP up to 1 HP. Through a special event, it will be possible to obtain and breed in the future Sobble with the Sniper skill, which doubles the damage of critical hits.

The exclusive move of Inteleon it is Tiromirato, a special 80 power move that ignores the effects of moves and / or abilities that attract attacks. It is learned through evolution, at whatever level you decide to evolve Straighten them.

You will get Straighten them only by choosing it as your starter Pokemon. If not, you will have to try your luck in the Magic Exchange or find some friends willing to exchange it.

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