Best PC Monitors 2022: Buying Guide

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Best PC monitors. A selection of budget monitors, ultra-wide and top-of-the-range monitors recommended for your purchase.

The best monitors won't make your computer run any faster but they are certainly capable of making the user experience much better, which helps to increase productivity. THE best monitors they are not only the super expensive ones, but also cheap models with a high pixel density, high refresh rate and so many different panel sizes to make your work much easier.

If you're looking for a gaming monitor to keep up with powerful gaming PCs, or you've just bought a MacBook Air and need one of the best USB-C monitors, then you've come to the right place at the right time.

Ranking best PC monitors with offers and prices

Here is a selection of the best monitors on the market with resolution, screen size, brightness, contrast ratio and other useful information for your purchase ..

1. BenQ PD3200U

Top for (some) players and professionals.

Screen size: 32 inches | Proportions: 16: 9 | Resolution: 3.840 x 2.160 | Brightness: 350 cd / m2 | Response time: 4 ms | Viewing angle: 178/178 | Contrast ratio: 1.000: 1 | Color support: sRGB 100% | Weight: 8,5 kg.


  • 4K resolution
  • Big screen


  • Design may seem boring to some
  • Some features are a bit of a niche

Now that the best PCs are able to handle 4K more easily, the best 4K monitors are everywhere. Here because BenQ has launched the PD3200U, A huge 32-inch Ultra HD display as part of its range Designers Monitor. Particularly popular with creatives and professionals (less so by gamers), BenQ has relatively slow response times. However, i 3D designer they are attracted to it color accuracy calibrated at the factory and modalities CAD / CAM.

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2. AOC Agon AG352UCG6 Black Edition

Ultra-wide with steroids.

Screen size: 35 inches | Proportions: 21: 9 | Resolution: 3,440 x 1,440 | Brightness: 300 cd / m2 | Response time: 4 ms | Viewing angle: 178/178 | Contrast ratio: 2.500: 1: | Support colore: sRGB 100% | Weight: 11 kg.


  • Phenomenal color performance
  • Refresh rate di 120Hz


  • OSD menu not up to par

THEAOC Agon AG352UCG6 Black Edition it is marketed as a gaming monitor, but if you need a monitor ultraWide, you just can't do without it. With his sublime support chromatic, the strong contrast ratio and the refresh rate at 120Hz, everything you do on your PC will feel fast, snappy and very beautiful. It is a little expensive, but this ultra-wide monitor can significantly increase productivity, so it's totally worth it. It's one of the best monitors you can buy today, as long as you have the hardware up to it.

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3. Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ

Expensive, but beautiful.

Screen size: 27 inches | Proportions: 16: 9 | Resolution: 3.840 x 2.160 | Brightness: 600 cd / m2 | Time di response: 4 ms | Viewing angle: 178/178 | Relationship of contrast: 50.000: 1 | Support colore: Adobe RGB 99% Weight: 12,7 kg.


  • HDR
  • Beautiful image quality


  • Very expensive

If you are looking for a high-end monitors and you have a large budget, then you are in luck. L'Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ combines all the features of a high-end monitor. Not only does it come with a display UHD 4K a 144Hz, but provides vivid detail and realistic contrast thanks to Nvidia G-Sync HDR technology. This is simply the best monitor on the market, but it costs an arm and a leg. If you are playing a video game or do photo and video editing, you can't go wrong with this monitor, as long as you have plenty of cash.

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4. Acer Predator X34

A very interesting gaming monitor.

Screen size: 34 inches | Proportions: 21: 9 | Resolution: 3440 x 1440 | Brightness: 300 cd / m2 | Time di response: 4 ms G2G (gray-gray) | Angle of vision: 178/178 | Relationship of contrast: 100 million: 1 | Support colore: SRGB 100% | Weight: 9,9 kg.


  • Aggressive design
  • Perfect color accuracy


  • Door pocket
  • Underpowered speakers

When you get tired of the same old 16: 9 aspect ratio, nothing is more striking than a good cinematic 21: 9 display. Probably not the best for watching Netflix or YouTube, but Acer Predator X34 is a great example of what a monitor ultra-wide can do. Featuring a charming aluminum frame and a polygonal stand, similar to a bird, this huge 34-inch monitor it is a marvel to watch. More importantly, armed with the G-Sync technology from Nvidia, you won't need V-Sync to stress your graphics card. Acer Predator X34 does all the heavy lifting for you. It certainly involves you as much as a gaming monitor.

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5. Asus Designo Curve MX38VC

Large monitor.

Screen size: 37,5 inches | Proportions: 21: 9 | Resolution: 3.840 x 1.600 | Brightness: 300 cd / m2 | Response time: 5 ms G2G (gray-gray) | Viewing angle: 178/178 | Contrast ratio: 1.000: 1 | Color support: 1,07 million colors | Weight: 9,9 kg.


  • Pixels at will
  • Qi wireless charging


  • No HDR

Ultrawide monitors are nothing new: they have been among the best monitors for some years now. These large monitors are lifesavers when it comes to productivity and are becoming more popular than ever. Among the manyAsus Designo Curve MX38VC it is certainly among those to be taken into consideration. Not only does this monitor have a whopping 3.840 x 1.600 pixel resolution, but with USB-C compatibility and a built-in Qi wireless charger in the cradle, it's a great workmate you won't be deprived of. It's a bit pricey and doesn't feature HDR, but it's a sacrifice you'll be able to make, especially if you're a pro.

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6. Dell UltraSharp UP3218K

Back to the Future.

Screen size: 32 inches | Proportions: 16: 9 | Resolution: 7.680 x 4.320 | Brightness: 400 cd / m2 | Response time: 6ms | Viewing angle: N / A | Contrast ratio: 1.300: 1 | Color support: sRGB 100% | Weight: 8,5 kg.


  • Stunning 8K resolution
  • Nice design


  • Very expensive
  • Limited 8K content

Dell UltraSharp UP3218K is the most recent example of a curved monitor. Dell has gone to great lengths to make sure the build quality and color reproduction are the best in the business and, well, it is. The Dell UltraSharp UP3218K it's aimed at professionals, so if you think you feel that way, then it's probably the best monitor for you.

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7. BenQ EX3203R

High resolution, low cost.

Screen size: 31,5 inches | Proportions: 16: 9 | Resolution: 2,560 x 1,440 | Brightness: 400 cd / m2 | Response time: 4 ms | Viewing angle: 178/178 | Contrast ratio: 3.000: 1 | Color support: DCI-P3 90% | Weight: 13,4 kg.


  • Economic
    Great for games


  • Below average HDR implementation

If you are looking for a large 1440p monitor with HDR for multimedia and games, BenQ EX3203R it might be the right monitor for you. This monitor is notable because it manages to bring a lot of high-end features into a monitor that is extremely affordable. 32 inches might seem a little too much for a monitor but the 1800R curvature it makes it easy to use both for work and to immerse yourself in the game and social media.

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8. Alienware 25

An ubiquitous solution for the tear screen.

Sizes of the screen: 24,5 inches | Proportions: 16: 9 | Resolution: 1.920 x 1.080 | Brightness: 400 cd / m2 | Response time: 1 ms | Viewing angle: 170/160 | Contrast ratio: 1.000: 1 | Support colors: sRGB 119% | Weight: 11,7 kg.


  • great design
  • Alto refresh rate


  • Expensive
  • 1080p only

Like any Alienware product, the 25-inch Alienware monitor budget is significantly higher. Whether you have an AMD Radeon VII or an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080, there is a setup for you. With G-Sync or FreeSync removing some of the heavy lift from the GPU that would otherwise be used on VSync, the Alienware 120's 25Hz refresh rate is actually very good. The response time of 1 ms is definitely a point in its favor.

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10. MSI Optix MPG341CQR

MSI's new 34-inch gaming monitor.

Screen size: 34 inches | Proportions: 21: 9 | Resolution: 3.440 x 1.440 | Brightness: 400 nit | Frequency di updating: 144Hz | Response timea: 1 ms | Viewing angle: 178 / 178 | Contrast ratio: 3000: 1 | Support colore: sRGB 105% | Weight: 13,7 kg.


  • Incisive VA panel
  • Great gaming performance
  • Really strong overall feature set


  • Expensive monitor class

If you're looking for a gaming monitor with super wide 1440p resolution, blazing fast 1ms response time, 178 degree viewing angle, and fast refresh rate, MSI Optix MPG341CQR is definitely worth considering. With this monitor MSI has decided to use a VA panel, as opposed to IPS, giving it more contrast and more intense colors. Also included are some bonuses: stylish “Mystic Light” RGD LEDs, USB-C connectivity, an integrated camera and a competitive price.

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Which monitor to choose

What are the characteristics that a good PC monitor must have? Here is a list of options to consider when buying a computer monitor.

  • Size and resolution: The size of a screen ranges from 18,5 inches to over 30 inches. While for the resolutions abbiamo i monitor Full HD da 1920 x 1080 pixel, i monitor 2K da 2560 x 1440 pixel e i monitor 4K o Ultra HD da 3840 x 2160 pixel.
  • Response times: to consider before buying a monitor are also i response times (number of milliseconds a pixel changes its state on the display), the refresh rates (the image refresh rate) and the framerate (number of frames redirected every second by the PC graphics card.
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range): it is a real innovation for mid-range and high-end monitors. Indicates whether that particular model is capable of delivering high quality still images.
  • doors: almost all monitors on the market have inputs DVI e HDMI. Some even those VGA e DisplayPort. Others support that as well Thunderbolt.
  • Pannelli G-Sync e FreeSync:  they are used to eliminate tearing and to obtain smooth and jerky movements.
  • Other elements to consider: in addition to the power consumption, I recommend that you take into account the built-in speakers, the level of contrast and the depth of the blacks of the screen (they must be high), and the level of brightness of the screen.

Best PC Monitors on Amazon

Below is a selection of the best-selling PC monitors on the shopping giant.

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