Airbag jackets and technological helmets, motorcycle clothing is renewed

The world of engines is constantly evolving, and the theme that holds the most attention in the development phase is undoubtedly that of safety. If when it comes to cars the solutions that lead to safety are more practical to implement, the situation changes when it comes to safety on two wheels.



In fact, the field of solutions applicable in terms of safety on motorcycles is limited to clothing, accessories, and solutions to be made electronically on the motorbike engine. To improve electronic safety conditions, a stability system for the bike when cornering which allows the bike a better stability during abrupt actions such as braking or accelerating which, if carried out during the curve, are potentially dangerous. The new system tends to regulate the braking or acceleration pressure, helping the bike to maintain its position without breaking down.

The technological innovations are addressed, however, in large quantities also for thebiker clothing. There are many recent innovations that guarantee greater protection when you get on the bike. The jacket air bag it is a solution that has greatly increased the degree of protection for those traveling by motorbike. The garment is activated mechanically through a cable connected to the motorcycle that triggers the airbag when the rider is thrown from the saddle and loses contact with his motorcycle. The improvement of this garment is a topic of many meetings between the developers of motorcycle innovations.



It comes from the collaboration between Ducati e Dainese, in fact, a novelty regarding the airbag for motorcycles. A new connected vest wireless to the control unit of the bike able to open in just 45 milliseconds. The connection with the control unit allows greater accuracy in the evaluation of the dangerous situation through the speed control. The current activation system via cable, in fact, often involved the opening of the airbag in low speed situations where its presence can also be considered superfluous, and since the airbag jacket is disposable (to be able to reuse it it must be restored) often the system proved uneconomical.



Body protection is as important as head protection, and safety innovation is focused on the development of the new helmets. The innovations that follow one another in this field make it necessary to continuously update your equipment, especially when dealing with products necessary for motorcycle safety that are profoundly renewed, and all the new models of the best brands present are an example. in the motorcycle helmets catalogs of the major specialized shops.

I new helmet models for the bike are equipped with connection with your smartphone to be able to make calls in comfort while driving, or even to listen to music. They are also equipped with an integrated satellite navigator, with the convenience of being guided along an established route.



There are also new ideas that are being tried to put into practice in the near future, taking a cue from the technology of helicopter pilots' helmets. The idea is to transparently transmit the information on the visor in order to interact with the field of vision without causing the driver to take his eyes off the road. Thus, the motorcyclist, through the connection to the smartphone, to the navigator or even to a processor, will be able to receive, while on the move, information on the speed limits in force and on the presence of dangerous or excessively busy points along the route.

Motorcycle clothing is therefore constantly renewed, always in the name of innovations that lead to greater safety, which with the help of new technologies is increasingly stronger, significantly reducing the risk of physical damage in the event of accidents.

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