When to post on TikTok

The great notoriety and the widespread expansion of TikTok are encouraging more and more users to want to use this platform as a springboard to make themselves known or to promote their ideas. Although the target audience and the topics covered are practically infinite, it is advisable to evaluate the aspects related to the mechanics of the platform in order to obtain the best result.

Among the aspects to work on is the publishing video clips and especially the planning when to publish on TikTok. These dynamics can determine whether or not your user profile is expanded, giving you the ability to increase visits and followers. We recommend that you also read the dedicated article: how to buy followers on TikTok.

The planning and the parameters on which to pay attention to increase your followers necessarily pass by publication times of recorded clips. But what are the best days and times to post your content on TikTok?

Guide for the right post at the right time!

Publishing content on TikTok is just as important as the content itself. In order to define the best times and days, it is necessary to analyze the relevant studies in more detail. Using the Influencer Marketing Hub and the study conducted on over 100 thousand posts you can identify the days and times when TikTok content is most viewed. By establishing a conventional timetable based on Central European Time the foundations are laid for stable that the most relevant days and times are:

  • Monday: 12:00, 16:00 and 04:00
  • Tuesday: 08:00, 10:00 and 15:00
  • Wednesday: 19:00, 20:00 and 23:00
  • Thursday: 15:00, 18:00 and 01:00
  • Friday: 11:00, 19:00 and 21:00
  • Saturday: 17:00, 01:00 and 02:00
  • Sunday: 13:00, 14:00 and 22:00

The study shows that at 15:00 on Tuesday, at 18:00 on Thursday and at 11:00 on Friday there are maximum peaks.

The best time to post on TikTok

By analyzing the numbers you will have noticed how the most relevant days occur in a day time slot on the weekdays. Although the numbers can provide you with an excellent starting point, it is clear how every type of content published on the platform and the reference user can completely upset this table.

In the next lines we will see what are the four fundamental steps to understand when to publish on TikTok.

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The steps needed to understand the best time to publish on TikTok

Step 1: Account Pro

The first step to find the time space during the day to publish on TikTok is to create a Pro account. The platform provides its subscribers with a tool for analyzing the most active users and schedules on their user profile. In order for you to use them, you need to switch from the consumer account to the Pro account. Switching from one status to another is very simple: from the main screen, step on the Me icon, at the bottom right, to enter the "Manage my account". Then press in the upper right corner on the three points. Here you will notice the option "Pass to Pro account“, Choose the reference sector and you will have a new analysis section called Analytics.

Although the area dedicated to data analysis in the Pro account is very easy to understand, it should be anticipated that this tool has three main tabs: Overview, Content and Followers.

  1. Overview: Allows you to check in 7 to 28 days: total video views, new followers and profile views.
  2. Content: allows you to analyze trending videos and publish videos.
  3. follower: guarantees the monitoring of the activity of your subscribers (Hours, days) city of most relevance on your profile and gender (female or male).

Step 2: Territorial position

Among the most suitable tools to understand when to publish on TikTok figure section The best territories that you find in New Followers di Analytics. This system allows you to identify where your audience is and watch your content. Many underestimate this section but it can be extremely convenient if you want to plan content for a well-defined audience that lives in a specific city.

Imagine having to advertise a Milanese territorial product, knowing if that content is appreciated by the local population can be extremely useful for you to continue or change the way you propose the clips; choosing the most suitable times and days.

Step 3: Analyze audience activities

TikTok, like the famous Instagram, offers you the possibility of being able to count on the integrated analysis to know when your followers are active on the platform. Although the analytics system is not as thorough as that of Instagram, you will still be able to obtain useful information. To use this system it is necessary to open the section "New Followers of TikTok Analytics"And scroll down to the option"Follower activity"Or"New followers". A new world will open to you where there is extremely useful information to understand what are the hours and days when your followers are most active on your profile. Obviously not all users are from the same country and it is essential to identify their country of origin to determine a time contemporary to the Spanish one.

Many Tiktoker cross to the data of TikTok Analytics those of Instagram or other social networks, this can be advantageous to choose the most suitable time for your slice of audience.

Step 4: Performance

The three steps examined so far join in a complementary way to the fourth, so as to establish the precise moment of publication on TikTok. This last step is characterized by its ability to track and evaluate the performance of your content. As anticipated in the previous lines, with the Pro account you can use the section Content, here you can see the performance of all your content over the past seven days.

Browsing your TikTok profile and clicking on one of the clips published you can analyze a lot of performance data, from overall views to the all-important average view time. However, the many information could confuse you and it is therefore smart to emphasize the most important ones and then slowly exploit the others.

The information that the greatest Tiktokers begin to think about is that inherent in the overall performance. Here you can become aware of how many likes you received, shares and number of comments under the clips. At this point you can begin to determine if your video is having success or not and you can learn more, scrolling down, the Territories of greatest origin. The section will make available to you information about who has watched that specific video and where it comes from.

We advise you to always take into account the reference nation, many tend to make a wrong analysis by basing their reasoning on completely different times, of countries far from the Spanish time zone.

The ability to analyze the data is certainly important, but limiting it to just the last seven days may bind you to a less profound reasoning. We recommend that you create a document, be it Excel or on paper, where to write down the most important information to be able to consult them in the future. Although there is no real rule to decide when to publish on TikTok it is certainly smart to base this choice on concrete and not invented data. The most famous characters related to TikTok to calculate the best time to post tend to use the rule of the sum, adding specifically:

  • Time public.
  • Performance video.
  • Public time zone.


In the introductory paragraph we saw how they exist times and days when TikTok subscribers are most present on the platformWhile such analysis can be helpful, it makes sense to contextualize your audience based on topics promoted, To their origin andage of reference. Thanks to'account Pro you will be able to have a correct view of your followers based on your profile and what you propose, indexing and optimizing resources and contents.

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