What is the name of the TikTok song, where it comes from and why it is so popular

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What is the name of the TikTok song, where it comes from and why it is liked so much are legitimate questions you could ask yourself since this social network has become your favorite, the one you spend hours on updating on all the trends of the moment.

If, thanks to our TikTok guides, it has no more secrets for you, it does not mean that there are not yet new aspects to discover and curiosities to satisfy.

For example, you will certainly have noticed how the videos on the platform are mostly accompanied by music and songs of various kinds, sometimes they are catchphrases, others of simple arrangements, still others are those songs destined to become part of yours. playlist.

Have you come across a video and have absolutely no idea how to track down the background song? Fortunately we are here and now we will show you how to locate that song that you have been whistling or humming at home for days now.

The answers you were looking for to all the curiosities behind the TikTok song

First of all know that the songs currently in vogue on TikTok they don't necessarily belong in the latest releases, and there's a wide possibility that the one you've come across is more recent than you might think.

The explanation is quite simple and mostly comes fromextemporaneous effect of trends, which acts in such a way that a trending song during any one month could easily not be the next.

And if you think that these rapid changes can happen even from week to week, it is normal that you will need help to identify that song which, who knows, could also become the soundtrack of a part of your life.

If you are particularly lucky, which we hope, you may very easily find the music you are simply looking for monitoring the top songs of the month.

How to find TokTok songs on Spotify

Where you can find an updated and reliable list on the trends and viral music of the moment? Well, we can tell you that you could turn to, for example, any of the articles available on the internet that deal with the subject.

But since, as you already know, our aim is to always offer you the most reliable and simple solution, we reveal a little secret: using the app Spotify, available for free for both Android for both iOS, you can simply type the command in the search bar at the top Top 50 TiKTok Songs 2022 and thus discover the most popular ones, among which there is probably also the one you are looking for. In this regard, I suggest you read our guide: How to see the most listened to songs on Spotify.

By doing so, you will not only have the possibility that that mysterious passage that torments you so much can become part of yours playlist, but you can also discover new music and songs capable of positively coloring your day.

And briefly returning to the discourse on the extemporaneousness of trends, do not be surprised to see among the first positions passages such as paparazzi by Lady Gaga, dating back more than 10 years, Shape of you by Ed Sheeran, song of 2017 o Solo by Demi Lovato ft Clean Bandit, also from 2018.

Alongside these productions, however, there are also small musical gems in the form of interesting arrangements, such as: Ladida, song by Crispie x Ilira, remake of My heart goes boom of the French Affair group and dating back to the early 2000s.

How to find out the title of a song on TikTok

How do you say? Is the song of your interest, the one you are desperately trying to understand its name and where it comes from, not one of the top trends of the moment?

There is absolutely no need to despair, we still have a few tricks up our sleeve to play in order to reach the finish line.

For example, did you know that you can very well use the same TikTok to discover a title of a song you have listened to? Yes, you got it right, this is a feature made available by the social network specifically to meet the needs of those who, just like you, could not identify the origin of that captivating and pleasant music.

So let's see how to do it, ready?

Of course, for you to be able to use TikTok to find out the title of a song, the app needs to be installed on your device.

We remind you briefly that the TikTok it is always free to download and is available for both mobile operating systems Android both for that iOS.

To have it on your smartphone or tablet, just go to the specific store to which it belongs, type the name of the app, download it and wait until the installation is successful.

At the end, you can register by providing all the required data so that the next time you will only need to enter your login credentials to log into the service. For further information you can read our guide on: How to access TikTok.

That said, let's see how to discover your mystery song.

Directly from the Main page of TikTok, reachable by pressing the house shape logo, you must first go back to the video of your interest.

Then click on the icon Discover (the one of the magnifying glass) and type in the title of the movie that had caught your attention and locate it precisely.

This step is particularly simpler where it is part of one of the many musical challenges in vogue on TikTok. If so, it will be enough to trace the user who posted the content and to do so, instead of typing the title of the movie, you will have to to insert lo username of the tiktoker.

Username that you can discover by swiping your finger to the right on the movie.

Have you finally found the desired content? All right, at this point things start to get interesting.

You will notice the presence of a disc shaped symbol, Press it. This is the specific functionality of TikTok which will allow you to discover not only the name of the song, but also ofartist.

If you can want to be further sure, why not start a completely free music streaming by pressing the button Play?

So here you have discovered the melody that had enchanted you so much in recent days, easy right?

How to find out the title of a TikTok song via the app

What is the name of the TikTok song? In case you were particularly unlucky, the situation could arise in which not even the above method is able to find the offending passage.

No, there is no need for you to give up the enterprise entirely, our guides are bad luck proof and you will see that with the next method you will be able to win it, we bet?

Indeed, there are different apps nowadays that through the use of special algorithms can be used for find the title of a song or song.

How to find TokTok songs with Shazam

Among the many available, one of the main and certainly the most widespread is called Shazam.

The name is most likely not new to you even if you have never had the opportunity to use it. The fact that it is so renowned and widespread even among those users who have never used it should already give you an idea of ​​the incredible reliability of its functions.

In short, this is the app for you!

First, know that Shazam is free to download and available for both Android for both iOS, without any need for particularly complicated registrations or procedures.

After installing it on your device, start it and press the button on the Home, Click to activate Shazam. This will automatically activate the microphone and the app will be able to put its great qualities into practice.

In fact, a few seconds of listening are enough e Shazam, using precise and updated algorithms, will analyze the song from the point of view of the words, area of song, the bitrate and many other variables. In this way it will be able provide a complete final report.

Wait until the app will show you the captured result including title and artist name and you will also notice how you will have the option to start a free stream through external services, for example through Youtube, so that right away you can listen to that song so precious to you.

Of course you will have to launch TikTok or Shazam from another mobile device or open TikTok on PC through a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) by typing the URL in the address bar www.tiktok.com.


Now that you understand what is the name of the TikTok song, where it comes from and why you like it so much, don't forget to periodically update the app to avoid the onset of several annoying problems that can compromise your enjoyment of the social network.

You can find out more by contacting one of our specific articles entitled: How to update TikTok.

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