What are IPS monitors

Higher contrast, wider viewing angle, brighter colors. Monitors with IPS technology (In-Plane Switching) make traditional displays look obsolete. The external appearance of flat screens with IPS technology does not differ from traditional monitors, however, analyzing the IPS display you immediately notice the most intense colors and the most natural skin tones.

IPS technology

IPS technology it has two disadvantages: the time required for the image change (response time) is almost double that of traditional monitors, which in the reproduction of action-packed scenes could lead to the appearance of annoying trails. Furthermore, the electricity consumption is on average about 30 watts higher than the traditional TN screens (Twisted Nematic).

As for the cost, the 22 and 23 inch models do not differ much from the monitors with NT technology, while for the displays of 24 inches and above, the difference is about double. On the 27 inches the difference, however, is even more important: on the market there are TN monitors already at 200 euros, while the IPS ones start at 500 euros.

Differences between IPS monitors and TN monitors

But let's see the main differences between IPS TVs and TN TVs:

  • First, IPS monitors offer a wider viewing angle compared to traditional screens. Appearance that comes to light especially when more people sit in front of the monitor.
  • IPS monitors connected to the PC via HDMI or DVI cable, offer a much more stable imageHowever, this does not happen with the VGA connection where the IPS monitors, unlike the TN panels, have some flickering in the image.
  • IPS monitors are capable of display images with sharp and natural colors much more intense than traditional TN monitors.
  • IPS screens do bring out the colors of the images. They are able to reproduce all the flowers of a meadow in their total splendor. TN displays, on the other hand, are capable of reproducing only the full spectrum of shades of yellow.
  • IPS monitors have twice as much response time as TN monitors. As a result, the IPS monitor is not always able to reproduce fast scenes without leaving trails.

Best IPS monitors

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